Fancy Colored Diamonds

The traditional colorless diamond may be a classic, but when it comes to sheer intensity, there is nothing like a fancy colored diamond. Here at the Gold & Diamond Source, we know that our customers want a diamond that stands out from the crowd. When you visit our online store or stop by our showroom, you will be amazed by the beauty of these stones.

Did you know that fancy colored diamonds are extremely rare? Only one carat out of every 10,000 that are mined will turn out to be fancy colored. We carry these treasured stones in a variety of natural colors including blue, pink, yellow, green, red, purple, and champagne. Our collection includes diamonds of a single pure color, as well as diamonds that display a combination of overtones. All come in a variety of different cuts and intensity levels, from soft (only the faintest hint of color) to vivid.

Colored Diamond Ring Builder

We offer a bridal line Ring Builder and a Stud Earring Builder to help customers choose specific pieces. They both include colored diamond options. As you browse our collection, you will find numerous colored diamonds among our rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, pins and other pieces. We make it a priority to offer our customers a wide selection of these rare and spectacular pieces. We are confident you will be able to find the perfect fancy colored diamonds to suit your individual taste.

Many customers throughout Florida enjoy coming into our showroom to view our sensational diamond collection firsthand. We also have dedicated customers all throughout the country who love the ease of online shopping. At the Gold & Diamond Source customer satisfaction is central to everything we do. It is the reason we have been a leader in the jewelry business for more than 30 years.

The Perfect Diamond Color Ring

We understand that choosing the right fancy colored diamond and setting can be difficult. We have taken steps to make the process easier. While viewing our fancy colored diamonds online, you can use our diamond comparison tool to help you choose between different selections. You can also use our “request a diamond” form to inquire about the exact diamond you are looking for if you do not find it among our collection.

We strive to educate our customers, especially when dealing with commonly misunderstood aspects of jewelry buying. If you are wondering how diamond color intensity is graded, what setting materials will best enhance a diamond’s color, or if you have any other questions about fancy colored diamonds, we encourage you to contact us. We can answer your questions and show you examples from our collection in person, or through our convenient online gallery.