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  1. Engagement Rings for Creatives

    Fun, quirky, colorful... if her style is ever-changing, bold and bright, there's a good chance she's a creative. She is a unique gal who craves something out-of-the-box. She enjoys trying the latest restaurant and setting out for a drive without a map. Her perfect wedding includes a fun venue like a rooftop bar, a backyard, or the beach. While she thinks traditional engagement rings are pretty, her heart really craves special details that makes it all her own.

    For the creative woman, look at colorful gemstones and less common shapes. Warm rose gold or a two-tone design would add an extra detail for the creative bride-to-be.  

    And remember, no matter her personal style, we have the perfect ring for your bride to be. 

    Engagement Rings for Creatives


    Simply Stunning Juleve Diamond Ring. The Ring Features a 1.63 Carat European Cut Fancy Dark Orange Brown Diamond
    Light Up Your Look with This 5.58 Carat Total Weight Diamond Halo Ring
    14 Karat White Gold Diamond & Sapphire Vintage Round Halo Ring Featuring .50 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds
    With endless radiance, this round brilliant cut 0.95 carat fancy diamond shows off beautiful deep yellowish orange colors
    This Glamorous Juleve Ring Features One Of A Kind GIA Certified Fancy Brown Yellow & White Diamonds

    Visit our engagement ring experts at our Clearwater, Florida, showroom, or begin your search online here.


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  2. Celebrating September with Sapphires

    Celebrating September birthdays with sapphires!

    Sapphires are rich in color, classic in style, and popular throughout history. Those born in the month of September are lucky enough to call this magical gemstone their birthstone. But did you also know sapphire is also a traditional anniversary gift for four wedding anniversaries? Learn more about this beloved, royal blue stone below.

    Popular Throughout History 
    Popular since the Middle Ages, the sapphire is a classic favorite of royalty, clergy, celebrities and fine jewelry collectors. September's blue birthstone ranges in color, but medium to medium-dark blue hues are the most coveted.'
    Sapphire Engagement Rings 
    Some of the most famous blue sapphire engagement rings were worn by Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, and Elizabeth Hurley.

    Sapphire Folklore
    Folklore tells that sapphires will protect loved ones from envy and harm and grant the wearer spiritual enlightenment and inner peace. They are believed to offer healing properties for rheumatism, colic, and mental illness. Sapphires are also considered an antidepressant.

    Sapphires as Anniversary Gifts
    For couples looking for a traditional anniversary gift, sapphires are given for the 5th, 23rd, 45th and 65th wedding anniversaries. Couples celebrating these milestone anniversaries might consider a sapphire anniversary band that can be worn with the bridal set.

    Sapphire Birthstone Jewelry
    Sapphire jewelry is a meaningful gift for those who celebrate a September birthday— and anyone who loves this gorgeous gemstone!
    White Gold Sapphire & Diamond Fish Hook Earrings Featuring .98 Carat Total Weight Round Blue Sapphires and .11 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds
    Sapphire & Diamond Halo Necklace Featuring a .20 Carat Princess Cut Sapphire and .05 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds
    This Stunning Evil Eye Ring Features a Beautiful 0.21 Carat Lab-Created or Genuine Round Sapphire that is Accented with 0.48 Carat Total Weight of Genuine Round White Sapphires
    Sterling Silver Sapphire & Diamond Floral Earrings Featuring .23 Carat Total Weight Round Blue Sapphires and .01 Carat Total Weight Round Diamonds
    Three Stone Sapphire & Diamond Oval Halo Ring Featuring 2.10 Carat Total Weight Oval Blue Sapphires and .10 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds
    Two-Tone Gold Diamond And Oval 1.30 CTW Sapphire Pendant
    White Gold Sapphire & Diamond Fishtail Band Featuring Round Blue Sapphires and Round Brilliant Diamonds

    Visit our jewelry experts at our Clearwater, Florida, showroom, or explore sapphire birthstone jewelry online here.


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  3. Psychology Behind Fancy Color Engagement Rings

    White Gold 3 Stone Oval Halo Ring Featuring .92 Carat Total Weight Oval Treated Blue Diamonds and 1.30 Carat Total Weight Half Moon / Round Brilliant Diamonds

    Most engagement rings feature white diamonds, but there is a growing request for fancy colored diamond engagement rings! Naturally appearing in nearly every color of the rainbow, fancy color diamonds offer rich, sophisticated colors to an engagement ring. The psychology behind fancy colored diamonds can add to the meaning behind a ring, too. Fancy colored diamonds are enjoying their time in the spotlight— and we wouldn't have it any other way.

    A Perfect Pick in Any Color

    Fancy-colored diamonds may be an engagement ring trend right now, but these colorful beauties are much more than just a fad. Colored gemstones have long been classic choices for the discerning jewelry lover, from emeralds to rubies and sapphires.  Fancy-colored diamonds combine these gorgeous tones with the classic appeal and high value of a true diamond.

    Fancy-colored diamonds let the wearer express her unique fashion sense, highlight a birthstone or anniversary month, and more.

    Diamonds in Every Color of the Rainbow

    Colored diamonds come in every color you could imagine — yellow, blue, pink, champagne, chocolate, even black! Yellow diamonds are always popular from engagement rings to fine jewelry. Pink and champagne are feminine and subtle options, while exotic colors like chocolate and black are sure to get noticed for their unique beauty and flair!

    Natural vs. Treated Colored Diamonds

    Many colored diamonds occur naturally due to minerals that make up the diamond stone.  However, technological advances have made it possible to recreate the same gorgeous  colors at prices that are within reach for every jewelry lover. Either way, colored diamonds are completely unique and individual items.

    Psychology Behind Color Diamonds

    The impact of colors on psychology is an area of study that is closely linked to the impact of colors on human emotions. Colors are used effectively in everything from branding to controlling public behavior. The psychological power behind colors is fascinating. A colored gemstone has hidden meaning and also hidden influence on the psychology of the wearer and viewer alike.

    Naturally colored diamonds, also known as Fancy Diamonds, come in every color of the rainbow and they are exceptionally rare. Blue, pink, red, purple and canary yellow are some of the most sought after colors in Fancy Diamonds. Fancy Diamonds also can come in black-gray, brown and even milky white. Before you buy your Fancy Diamond, here are some interesting facts about the psychology of the color as well as the formation of the stones.

    Blue Diamonds

    The Hope Diamond is the most famous blue diamond on the planet. Pure, cool, magically rich and deep, the color blue is associated with purity and wealth. It is the color of intuition and peace. The presence of boron when the stone was forming, leads to stones that range from a light sky blue to a rich deep blue, the color of the ocean. Associated with water and the sky, blue is the color of sophistication and calm.

    Pink Diamonds

    Pink diamonds are breathtaking in their beauty and they have been known to bring astronomical prices at auction. It isn’t exactly known how pink diamonds are formed but it is thought that at some point during its formation the diamond was exposed to intense pressure causing an alteration in the crystalline structure of the stone. Psychologically, pink is associated with femininity as well as fertility. Pink is a calming color and it is associated with caring and relaxation.

    Red Diamonds

    Red diamonds are one of the rarest stones on the planet. These stones are so rare that not much is known about them or their formation. Like pink diamonds, it is thought that pressure during formation changes the crystalline structure resulting in the rich red color of the diamond. Red is the color of passion and love. Fiery, vital and volatile, red is also associated with happiness and health.

    Purple Diamonds

    Associated with royalty, purple diamonds command noble price tags. Purple is the color of fidelity, honor and courage and the wearer of a purple diamond is thought to have good luck and long life. Purple is also associated with the imagination.

    Green Diamonds

    Some of the most interesting diamonds, the color green is thought to result from the irradiation of the diamond while it was forming in the earth. The effect of the radiation causes the electrons in the crystalline structure to change slightly resulting in the color green. Psychologically, green is associated with growth and fertility, with balance,  renewal and rebirth.

    Yellow Diamonds

    Fancy yellow diamonds are created through the addition of nitrogen during the formation of the stone. Intensely yellow diamonds are the most common of the Fancy Diamonds but they are still extremely rare. Some of the best canary yellow diamonds come from mines here in this country, in Arkansas. Yellow is the color of happiness and wealth. Yellow reflects an intellectual individual. It is also associated with joy and power.


    Visit our engagement ring experts at our Clearwater, Florida, showroom, or begin your search online here.


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  4. Engagement Ring Tips For the Ladies

    Ladies— whether you are purchasing your own engagement ring or just want a more clear idea of your dream ring, this post is for you!

    This stylish ring features a shank lined with round sparkling diamonds that surrounds the pear shaped diamond cluster center set in high polished 14 karat white gold.

    Engagement Ring Tips For the Ladies

    How to find the perfect engagement ring

    If you're ready to say "yes!" tomorrow, or if an engagement isn't in the near future, finding the perfect engagement ring is a big deal!

    Like most big steps in life, communication is the first step, and picking out an engagement ring is no exception. Even if you or your partner are planning a surprise proposal, it's a good idea to discuss a few key factors as a couple.

    You will wear your engagement ring for years to come, through all seasons and all life events, so now is the time to explore, discuss, and try on different shapes, styles, and sizes to find a ring that feels just right for you.

    While you can visit our showroom and purchase an engagement ring today, there is a lot of value in a little preparation. Start with the questions below and visit our engagement ring experts when you are ready to find your dream engagement ring.


    Which engagement ring styles catch your eye?

    It's a good idea to get a basic understanding of different engagement ring styles to start off with. Consider a simple solitaire, a bold halo, or a pretty vintage design to get started. You can explore different engagement ring styles here.


    What shape do you love?

    There are a number of different diamond shapes or ‘cuts’ available, and having an idea of which you prefer (round, pear, heart, and more!) will make it much easier to find the perfect gem for your engagement ring. The diamond shape might be the most visually significant choice you make, so be sure to consider shapes that reflect your personal style.

    Explore different diamond shapes and sizes here.


    What kind of diamond or gemstone do you fancy?

    Many couples are opting for engagement rings featuring a center or accent colored gemstones. Consider if you want only white diamonds, or if you'd like to include some color as a nod to your favorite color, birthstone, or the month you plan to marry. Consider sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or fancy-colored diamonds.


    What does your budget look like?

    It might not be the first thing you want to talk about when considering a proposal, but getting an idea of budget is healthy and helps set expectations for both partners. There are a lot of engagement rings out there, and getting an idea of budget early helps narrow the choices and keep you on track.


    Do you know your ring size?

    There are two ways you can find your ring size. Simply use the ring size guide here using a few household items. Be sure to measure both at the beginning of the day and at the end, as your fingers are prone to change size slightly throughout the day.


    Next up: Try it on for size.

    While it's easy to fall in love with engagement rings on Pinterest or Instagram, it's also a good idea to try on different styles in person. You’ll want to know how the ring really feels and fits on your hand until you actually see it up close.

    Visit our engagement ring experts at our Clearwater, Florida, showroom, or begin your search online here.


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  5. Start Planning Your Holiday Proposal

    Vintage Style Diamond & Sapphire Engagement Ring in 14 karat White Gold with Milgrain and Engraving Detail

    Maybe you are the planning type, or maybe your partner has always wanted a holiday proposal. Whatever the reason, now is a wonderful time to start planning your holiday proposal— especially if you still have some research to do or want to begin the custom design process for your engagement ring.

    From Thanksgiving to Christmas to Kwanza to Chanukah to New Year's Eve, the end of the year means friends and family gathering together for celebrations.

    Our tips to begin planning your holiday proposal now:

    1.     Discover her engagement ring style (and ring size!).

    Start to look at the jewelry she already wears. Does she wear minimal jewelry, or does she choose bold, statement pieces? Does she love the simplicity of a diamond, or is her jewelry box full of different colors?

    It’s also a great idea to ask trusted friends and family members. It is likely that she has mentioned different styles she prefers— and maybe even some she doesn’t!

    2.     Explore different engagement ring options.

    While your engagement ring turnaround time might be quick, it’s always better to begin your search early in case you want a custom piece or decide to include existing jewelry in your design.

    While you might have an idea of what you like, seeing and feeling different designs might point you in a whole new direction! Stop by our Clearwater, Florida, showroom or look around online here.


    3.     Brainstorm the specifics.

    With at least an idea of your engagement ring in mind, now it’s time to scope out the specifics of your holiday proposal.

    Where? Clearwater has beautiful landmarks ready for a romantic holiday proposal! Some popular Clearwater-area places to propose include Pier 60, Sand Key Beach and Bon Appétit’s Waterside Table for Two Dinner for your dream proposal.

    When? Are there events over the holiday season where loved ones will be near? Even if you don’t want to propose in front of others, you might enjoy having them near to celebrate with after!

    We would love to help you plan your holiday proposal! Browse our engagement rings online here, or stop by and see us to experience our engagement rings in person!


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