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  1. Guide to Solitaire Engagement Rings

    Solitaire engagement rings showcase the dazzling beauty of a single diamond or gemstone. If you are looking for a classic, traditional engagement ring that radiates elegance and simplicity, a solitaire engagement ring might be right for you.

    In a solitaire engagement ring, the diamond takes center stage, unlike a halo engagement ring or three-stone engagement ring. This engagement ring style is typically paired with a prong setting to maximize the sparkle.

    Many couples are surprised to learn that a solitaire engagement ring setting can work with any diamond shape— from round to pear to heart! With a single center diamond, this ring style is a classic choice that never go out of style. Would you say yes to a solitaire diamond engagement ring?

    Just a Few Solitaire Engagement Ring Settings at Gold and Diamond Source:


    Heart Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Asscher Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Round Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Radiant Diamond Solitaire Ring
    Asscher Diamond Solitaire Ring


    We invite you to visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete collection, or shop a selection of fancy color diamond jewelry online HERE.

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    "I am AMAZED at the service at GDS. Two years ago I had my oval stone put in a new setting at GDS, and I moved to Virginia soon after. Recently the prongs kept becoming loose, and I called the store to see what they could do to help make my stone more secure. They paid for me to ship my ring to Florida, and then had my setting re-made custom for my stone so that it was as secure as possible, then mailed it back to me. I am amazed that they basically made a custom ring for me two years after buying it! I was so happy with the final product and service that I called to tell Mais and Alexis how grateful I was. I can't imagine anywhere else being this committed to their customers!!!" — Claire P. on Yelp

  2. Designer Spotlight: Custom Benchmark Designer Rings

    Just like your love, your proposal, your wedding and your marriage, your wedding rings should be unique to you. In appreciation of all that makes your love so unique, Gold & Diamond Source is proud to feature top collections that satisfy every personal style and desire. One designer in particular that allows you to both honor your love while expressing your personal style is Benchmark.

    Designer Spotlight: Benchmark Designer Rings

    One exciting brand available in the Gold & Diamond Source showroom and on our website is Benchmark. Founded in 1970, Benchmark is  dedicated to designing and creating the best wedding rings in the world.
    They operate from the belief that quality comes from craft and craft comes from precision. Every corner of any brilliant Benchmark-created piece has been meticulously planned. These origins of excellence are derived from the drawing board; where everything starts and where creativity unites with functionality to manifest the very finest of wedding rings.
    We love Benchmark's created designs, and we love working with customers to create a design that is totally custom to them. What style is right for you?

    Some of our favorite men's wedding bands

    This incredible black 8mm comfort-fit Cobalt band features a hammered finish with a high-polished center cut down the middle and bold round edges.
    This sleek Titanium 7mm comfort-fit four-sided band features a satin-finished center with horionztal grooves and polished edges.
    This classic 6mm comfort-fit band features a traditional domed profile with milgrain.
    This unique 7.5mm comfort-fit concave pave set diamond band is crafted in 14 karat gold features 16 black round ideal-cut diamonds and high polished edges for unforgettable style.
    This remarkable 6mm comfort-fit carved design band features a variety of directional arrows along the center with a high polished round edge for a unique but classic look.
    This wonderful 8mm comfort-fit pave set satin-finished band features a center vertical row of 4 round ideal-cut diamonds and a modern, flat profile.
    This elegant 14k Yellow Gold 7mm comfort-fit pave set band features a satin finish with nine round ideal-cut diamonds that offers a perfect balance of style and class.

    We invite you to visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete collection, or shop a selection of Benchmark wedding bands online HERE.

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    "Troy at Gold and Diamond Source treated me so professionally and well that I just have to leave them a 5 Star review.  I went there looking for a very special piece for a very special someone and they helped me find just the perfect piece without going out of my budget!  The item was ready to pick up the next day and my girl absolutely loved it!  Except there was a problem... It didn't fit right... so Troy took it back in TWICE and made sure that my girl and I were super happy.  They just did everything right and treated me so well that I would be happy to do business with them anytime again!  Thanks Troy and GDS, keep up the great work!" —Imran R. on Yelp


  3. What Are Fancy Color Diamonds?

    This Stunning One Of A Kind Ring Features A 2.23 Carat Center Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond With SI2 Clarity And Is G.I.A Certified

    Fancy colored diamonds are growing in popularity for everything from engagement rings to earrings. Naturally appearing in nearly every color of the rainbow, fancy color diamonds offer rich, sophisticated colors to all types of jewelry. Fancy colored diamonds are enjoying their time in the spotlight— and we wouldn't have it any other way.

    Fancy Color Diamonds As Colorful As The Rainbow

    Colored diamonds come in every color you could imagine — yellow, blue, pink, champagne, chocolate, even black! Yellow diamonds are always popular from engagement rings to fine jewelry. Pink and champagne are feminine and subtle options, while exotic colors like chocolate and black are sure to get noticed for their unique beauty and flair!

    Natural vs. Treated Colored Diamonds

    Many colored diamonds occur naturally due to minerals that make up the diamond stone.  However, technological advances have made it possible to recreate the same gorgeous  colors at prices that are within reach for every jewelry lover. Either way, colored diamonds are completely unique and individual items.

    A Perfect Pick in Any Color

    Fancy-colored diamonds may be the hottest trend in jewelry design right now, but these colorful beauties are much more than just a fad. Colored gemstones have long been classic choices for the discerning jewelry lover, from emeralds to rubies and sapphires.  Fancy-colored diamonds combine these gorgeous tones with the classic appeal and high value of a true diamond.

    Fancy-colored diamonds let the wearer express her unique fashion sense, as well as her love of the finer things. Classy and colorful— what could be a better combination?

    Psychology Behind Color Diamonds

    The impact of colors on psychology is an area of study that is closely linked to the impact of colors on human emotions. Colors are used effectively in everything from branding to controlling public behavior. The psychological power behind colors is fascinating. A colored gemstone has hidden meaning and also hidden influence on the psychology of the wearer and viewer alike.

    Naturally colored diamonds, also known as Fancy Diamonds, come in every color of the rainbow and they are exceptionally rare. Blue, pink, red, purple and canary yellow are some of the most sought after colors in Fancy Diamonds. Fancy Diamonds also can come in black-gray, brown and even milky white. Before you buy your Fancy Diamond, here are some interesting facts about the psychology of the color as well as the formation of the stones.

    Yellow Diamonds

    Fancy yellow diamonds are created through the addition of nitrogen during the formation of the stone. Intensely yellow diamonds are the most common of the Fancy Diamonds but they are still extremely rare. Some of the best canary yellow diamonds come from mines here in this country, in Arkansas. Yellow is the color of happiness and wealth. Yellow reflects an intellectual individual. It is also associated with joy and power.

    Blue Diamonds

    The Hope Diamond is the most famous blue diamond on the planet. Pure, cool, magically rich and deep, the color blue is associated with purity and wealth. It is the color of intuition and peace. The presence of boron when the stone was forming, leads to stones that range from a light sky blue to a rich deep blue, the color of the ocean. Associated with water and the sky, blue is the color of sophistication and calm.

    Pink Diamonds

    Pink diamonds are breathtaking in their beauty and they have been known to bring astronomical prices at auction. It isn’t exactly known how pink diamonds are formed but it is thought that at some point during its formation the diamond was exposed to intense pressure causing an alteration in the crystalline structure of the stone. Psychologically, pink is associated with femininity as well as fertility. Pink is a calming color and it is associated with caring and relaxation.

    Red Diamonds

    Red diamonds are one of the rarest stones on the planet. These stones are so rare that not much is known about them or their formation. Like pink diamonds, it is thought that pressure during formation changes the crystalline structure resulting in the rich red color of the diamond. Red is the color of passion and love. Fiery, vital and volatile, red is also associated with happiness and health.

    Purple Diamonds

    Associated with royalty, purple diamonds command noble price tags. Purple is the color of fidelity, honor and courage and the wearer of a purple diamond is thought to have good luck and long life. Purple is also associated with the imagination.

    Green Diamonds

    Some of the most interesting diamonds, the color green is thought to result from the irradiation of the diamond while it was forming in the earth. The effect of the radiation causes the electrons in the crystalline structure to change slightly resulting in the color green. Psychologically, green is associated with growth and fertility, with balance,  renewal and rebirth.


    We invite you to visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete collection, or shop a selection of fancy color diamond jewelry online HERE.

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    "We love the gold and diamond source! Last year my fiancé and I went in in search of the perfect engagement ring. Pat gave us a little bit of a diamond education to help us figure out what we were looking for and Mais helped us pick the most beautiful setting! Months later we have returned to pick out our wedding bands, and once again we had wonderful customer service from Mais... She always knows exactly what I'm looking for! It great when someone can understand your style right away! I've sent friends to her too and they've said the same thing! We will continue to do business with the gold and diamond source whenever we're in need of beautiful jewelry! :)" — Christen L. on Yelp

  4. Valentine's Day Jewelry Under $549

    Did you know there are only 44 days between New Year's Day and Valentine's Day? After a busy holiday season and start of the year, Valentine's Day can come quickly. Not a day to be missed, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to pause and express your love.

    Whether you are shopping for your girlfriend, wife, loved one, or best friend, jewelry is the perfect way to show that you care on this special holiday of L-O-V-E! We have rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to fit all styles and budgets.


    Some of our favorite Valentine's Day Jewelry Under $549:

    Pear Shape Peridot Ring
    Ruby Stackable Ring
    Round Halo Earring Jackets Featuring .20 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds
    Stackable Diamond Alternating Shape Band
    Arrow Necklace Featuring .10 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds
    4 Prong Set Diamond Band


    Shop more jewelry online here, or visit our Clearwater showroom for to explore our complete collection in person.


    "I visited the Gold and Diamond Source to select a diamond to surprise my wife for our Anniversary.  Many staff members greeted me warmly as I entered the store and made me feel immediately comfortable.  Most notably, Veronica and Mais took the time to ask me about my wife's preferences and educated me on the many options before me.  I really felt like they were trying to help me - not sell me.  We worked together to select a diamond that took my wife's breath away when I presented it to her over dinner.  The Gold and Diamond Source staff members are such down to earth people with a desire to create special gifts and amazing memories.  Thank you Veronica, Mais, Julie and Steve!" — Bill T. on Yelp


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  5. What Diamond Carat Size Is Right For You?

    This Emerald Diamond Solitaire Ring Features a 2.00 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond

    If you are in the market for a loose diamond or an engagement ring, there is a good chance you have come the term "diamond carat." Read on to learn about what diamond carat means and how it might affect your loose diamond or engagement ring purchase.

    At Gold & Diamond Source, we believe educated customers are happy customers. We are very proud of the education we give to our customers as we know that with knowledge comes power.

    Diamond sizes and how diamonds are measured is the most commonly discussed aspect of any diamond. Diamond carat size is on many wish lists, and it's in every headline when a celebrity gets engaged. But have you ever wondered what carat size really means?

    Read below for a breakdown on the carat weighing system used for diamonds and why the weight of every diamond is unique.


    Why Carats?

    Carats (ct) are a unit of mass used to weigh diamonds, gemstones, and pearls. The carat is a very old standard of measurement that extends back to at least the 16th century for measuring diamonds. The carat probably has its origins in the carob seed used in Greek and Roman times as a standard form of small measurement. Even though we think of carat as a measuring the size of the diamond this is not the case. The carat is a weight measurement so the appearance of two stones that are both 1 carat diamonds can be somewhat different.

    Today a carat is equal to 200 mg. This standard of measurement was adopted early in the 20th Century by the General Conference of Weight and Measures (Conférence générale des poids et mesures – CGPM). Interestingly, the CGPM, established in 1875, is the same organization that established the metric system and encouraged its adoption throughout the world for the standardization of all weights and measurements.

    Each carat is divisible by 100 points, each weighing 2 milligrams. Prior to the standardization and adoption of the carat system different countries used slightly different standards of measurement for diamonds and gemstones making it very difficult to compare one stone to another without placing them side by side. The adoption of the carat meant that a diamond seller in Africa and a diamond buyer in Brussels could reach an agreement concerning a particular stone much more easily.

    However, the carat system has its limitations because diamonds are shaped and cut differently. A 1 carat diamond can be cut long and deep and it will look visibly smaller than a diamond that is cut shallower. The different cuts of the stones, for example cushion, round, marquise, square, emerald or pear will also weigh different amounts because the cuts are different. In other words, how the stone is cut and its shape can have a dramatic impact on the presentation of the stone.

    The size of a diamond dramatically influences its price. This is where the carat becomes a very valuable tool. Larger diamonds are rare compared to smaller diamonds so the price per carat substantially increases based on the weight of the stone. For example, a 5 ct diamond may cost $45,000 per carat while a smaller stone less than 1/2 ct may cost $2,400 per carat for a diamond that is graded the same in all the other categories. For further information about diamonds and to see how stones in different sizes look, please use the free interactive tools on our diamond education page.


    Learn more about diamonds and explore our vast inventory at Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom.


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    "I have visited GDS a few times since I got engaged and the customer service has been consistently great! Someone is always at the front door to greet you and show you in the right direction. The sales people I have been paired up with always seem happy and eager to please!

    Besides the customer service, who wouldn't enjoy themselves while looking at all the shiny diamonds?

    I had the pleasure to work to Alexis (the brunette) about what kind of wedding band would match my uniquely shaped engagement ring. She gave me so many options and went above and beyond by requesting a price quote from the designer who made my engagement ring for a matching wedding band. She emailed me on her days off to keep me in the loop!!

    Alexis was with another customer when my fiancé and I came back in to buy, but Veronica took care of us as if we'd been working with her all along. She made the check out experience painless and quick.

    I will always recommend GDS when a friend is getting engaged. We've already sent two happy couples their way!" — Nina M. on Yelp

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