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  1. How to Hint at the Perfect Valentine's Gift

    Heart Diamond Dangle Earrings


    Does your partner tend to feel lost when it comes what to get you for holidays, anniversaries, and other special occasions? There's no need for him to spend hours searching for the perfect gift or to seek out an overpriced bouquet of flowers at the last minute to make Valentine's Day special. From direct to more subtle, we are sharing our top tips to help him figure out what you really want for Valentine’s Day.

    Show And Tell

    If you’re browsing on your phone and come across something you like (jewelry, a restaurant, or activity you can do together), don’t be afraid to show it to him. While you're at it, ask him his opinion on it, too!

    Turn to Pinterest

    While you are pinning your Valentine's Day outfit ideas, why not also create a board for Valentine’s Day gift ideas? If he is active on Pinterest, he will most likely see it on his own. If you want to be more straightforward, create a board titled “Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas” and share it with him.

    Window Shop

    If you happen to shop together, point out a few things you particularly. You might be surprised to find that your significant other is paying a lot more attention than it seems.

    Walk Down Memory Lane

    Has your partner knocked it out of the park on a previous Valentine’s Day or another occasion? Bring up how much that meant to you— and don't forget to include the specific parts that made it special, such as if he kept it a surprise, the restaurant you went to, a gift he gave you. This might inspire duplicate success!

    Give Them an Early Gift

    If your partner is more forgetful or didn't pick up on the other hints, consider surprising him with your gift a few days before Valentine’s Day. This sets the bar for what kind of gift you hope to receive, and reminds him that the holiday is around the corner!

    Tag Them

    Facebook and Instagram allow you to tag your significant other in any public post. Tag your partner on social posts that feature engagement ring styles, specific jewelry, or date ideas that you like. As Valentine’s Day approaches, your significant other will have a digital copy of your favorite things.

    Tell A Friend

    Whether it is an engagement ring, piece of jewelry, or date idea, people often consult their partner's friends for advice. Make sure your friends know what you want to make things easier for everyone is they ask!

    Talk to Them

    Last but not least, there is always the option to be direct. If there’s something you really want, tell them. Having an open conversation about gifts— including whether or not you’re going to splurge on something or opt something small— can be helpful for both of you.


    Are you ready to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift? We invite you to visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete collection, or shop a selection of jewelry online HERE.

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  2. January's Garnet Birthstone

    Calling all January birthstones! Garnet, January's birthstone, represents eternal friendship and trust, and is mined in a rainbow of colors. The name Garnet was derived from the word granatum, meaning seed, after the gemstone's resemblance to a pomegranate seed. Garnets have been popular since as far back as 3100 B.C., when the Egyptians used Garnets as inlays jewelry.Garnets are seen in an assortment of beautiful colors from deep red to vibrant green, along with shades of pink, orange and brown.
    Today, the most important sources for Garnet are Africa, Sri Lanka, and India.Folklore tells of Garnets protecting their owners from nightmares throughout the night and protecting travelers against accidents. Believed to have mystical powers, the stone has been worn to relieve skin inflammations, regulate the heart and blood flow, and aid in curing depression.

    Garnets are a popular gift to symbolize friendship and trust. They are also the traditional gemstone for the 2nd and 6th wedding anniversaries.

    Here are a few pieces of our favorite garnet birthstone jewelry:

    White Gold Vine Ring Featuring .72 Carat Total Weight Pear Shape Garnets and .21 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds
    Sterling Silver 1.40 Carat Total Weight Emerald Garnet & 0.96 Carat Total Weight White Topaz Earrings With Backs
    White Gold Garnet and Diamond Halo Ring Featuring a 2.80 Carat Oval Garnet and .28 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds
    White Gold 18 Inch Cable Link Halo Necklace Featuring .60 Carat Garnet and .10 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds
    Sterling Silver and 14 Karat Yellow Gold Bracelet Featuring .95 Carat Total Weight Oval Garnets
    White Gold Diamond Accent Garnet Ring Featuring a 1.25 Carat Emerald Cut Garnet and .04 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds
    White Gold 2 Stone 7" Flex Bangle Halo Bracelet Featuring .90 Carat Total Weight Round Garnets and .12 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds


    Are you ready to find the perfect January birthstone gift? We invite you to visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete collection, or shop a selection of garnet birthstone jewelry online HERE.

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  3. Our Favorite Jewelry Under $1,499

    At Gold and Diamond Source , we are proud to be America's leading online jewelry store with a local reputation since 1984. Our customers count on us to always be Clearwater's largest selections of fine diamonds, diamond semi-mounts, diamond bracelets, diamond earrings, fine watches and colored gemstone jewelry that they can find anywhere!

    We are also proud to offer a wide selection of jewelry with collections in every price range. Today we are spotlighting some of our favorite jewelry priced from $1,000 to $1,499— perfect for life's special moments. Whether she has a special birthday coming up, or a big anniversary is around the corner, or maybe you are ready to treat yourself to something new, we have jewelry you will love priced $1,000 to $1,499.


    18KT White Gold Diamond Milgrain Setting
    14KT Yellow Gold ROund Diamond Clover Necklace
    14 Karat Gold Ring Featuring a .50 Carat Pink Tourmaline and .16 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds
    14 Karat White Gold 0.25 Carat Total Weight Round Diamond Halo Ring
    14 Karat Yellow Gold Pendant with ~17 Carat Checkerboard Citrine Quartz and 0.90 Carat Total Weight HI.SI1-I1 Round Brilliant Diamonds
    Stunning Evil Eye Ring Features a Beautiful 0.17 Carat Round Sapphire that is Accented with 0.25 Carat Total Weight of Round Brilliant Diamonds
    14 Karat Gold .33 Carat Total Weight Diamond Infinity-inspired Ring
    14 Karat White Gold .55 Carat Total Weight Round Diamond Trellis In/Out Hoop Earrings


    Visit the Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete selection, or shop jewelry under $1,499 online HERE.

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  4. How to Celebrate Her Birthday in Style

    Have you run out of ideas on how to celebrate her birthday in style? Whether you are planning for someone who is hard to surprise, or are just looking for fresh ideas to mix things up, we are sharing our best birthday ideas from a night on the town to birthstone jewelry she will love for years to come. 


    Here are a few ideas of how to celebrate a special birthday around the Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Pete area!


    Treat Her to a Massage

    While a massage has many therapeutic and physical benefits, it's also wonderfully relaxing! If your loved one is athletic, or if they run a stressful life at the office or home, a relaxing massage might be the perfect treat!


    Surprise Her with a Weekend Away

    With where we are in Clearwater, we're lucky to have so many convenient places perfect for a weekend getaway. Celebrate her birthday with a short trip to nearby Sarasota, St. Augustine, or Miami. 


    Gift Her a Cooking Class 

    Whether you choose an in person cooking class at home, or one with a group, a cooking class is a fun date idea to learn a new cuisine. Choose a French class to reminisce your last trip to France, or learn to bake her favorite chocolatey treat. Explore cooking classes near you here


    Treat Her to Birthstone Jewelry

    Full of history and folklore, birthstones are designated to mark birthdays in each month. It's common to give and receive birthstone gifts for birthdays, and many couples even include birthstones in their bridal set or anniversary jewelry. Are you wondering what gemstone traditionally goes with her birthday? Explore our birthstone guide here. Surprise her with a gift totally unique to her birthday with birthstone earrings, a pendant, or a birthstone ring. 


    Take Her Out for a Yummy Meal

    Who doesn't enjoy dressing up and sharing a nice meal? Leave the cooking and takeout for another night to take her for a lovely dinner at her favorite restaurant.



    Are you looking for birthstone jewelry? We invite you to visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete collection, or shop a selection of gemstone jewelry online HERE.

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  5. How to Shop for Your Perfect Pear Shape Diamond

    Pear shaped diamonds have always been a brilliant and rare way to celebrate true love. With the most common choice for diamond engagement rings being round shaped diamonds, pear shaped diamond engagement rings are truly a unique and distinctive choice.

    Pear shaped diamonds aren't as popular as diamond shapes, but they do have a fan club of their own. Celebrities Ariana Grande, Paris Hilton, Kaley Cuoco, Cardi B, Sophie Turner, and more all wear stunning pear shaped diamond engagement rings. The love for pear shaped diamonds isn't new, either: actor Richard Burton once paid $1.1 million for a 69-carat, pear-shaped diamond for his his iconic wife, Elizabeth Taylor.

    Top things to know before you shop for a pear shaped diamond:

    What is a pear shaped diamond?

    A pear shaped diamond is also called a teardrop diamond because of its rounded shape which narrows into a point at the top or bottom. It is a modified brilliant round cut on one end and the pointed tip on the other end. When worn as the main stone in an engagement ring, a pear shaped diamond's round side, or head, typically faces the knuckle, while the point faces the fingernail. This makes the dramatic teardrop effect when the finger is raised. But how to wear a pear shaped diamond is entirely personal: you might prefer to wear the round side away from the knuckle, or even horizontally with a dramatic east-to-west setting.

    Anatomy of a Pear Shaped Diamond

    Pear shaped diamonds have five different regions: the head, the shoulders, the belly, the wings, and the point. The head is round shaped, and the shape begins to narrow below the shoulders toward the belly, before coming closely together at the wings and finally meeting in the dramatic point.

    How do I choose a pear shaped diamond?

    There are several factors that affect the appearance and beauty of a pear-shaped diamond.

    Most diamond wearers prefer a length to width ratio between 1.55 and 1.75. The length and width of a poorly cut pear shaped diamond will appear out of balance.

    When shopping for a pear shaped diamond, look at it face up and check for gently rounded shoulders and wings. Wings that are too flat will make the diamond appear too narrow, while wings that are too rounded will make it look too short and off balance.

    The perfect pear shaped diamond should have identical sides. When both sides are identical, 29 facets will be visible on both sides.

    When looking for a pear shaped diamond, be aware of the “bow tie effect.” This term refers to the light gray to black pattern resembling a bow tie that typically runs across the width of the stone from the center of the table. A cut that minimizes the effect to the point that it’s hardly visible is a key to a beautiful pear shaped diamond.

    How do pear shaped diamonds compare to other diamonds?

    One of the most appealing aspects of pear shaped diamonds are that they are significantly less expensive than brilliant round shaped diamonds, thanks to the fact that pear shaped diamonds usually have very minimal amount of waste when being cut from a raw stone. As carat size increases, the price gap between round and pear shaped diamonds widens even more. When considering diamonds 3 carats and higher, choosing a pear shaped diamonds can equal enormous savings.


    Here are some of our favorite pear shaped diamond engagement rings:

    3/8 CTW Diamond Pear Shape Halo Setting for 1 CT Pear
    Juleve Platinum & 18 Karat Rose Gold Double Pear Shape Halo Ring
    Platinum 7.46 Carat Total Weight Pear Shaped Diamond Halo Ring
    Juleve 18 Karat Gold Pear Shape Halo Ring Featuring a .75 Carat Pear Shape Center Diamond
    White Gold Cluster Diamond Pear Halo Ring


    Are you looking for the perfect pear shaped diamond? We invite you to visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete collection, or shop a selection online HERE.

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