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  • Men's Earrings: Hot Trends in Tampa

    earrings for menEarrings are not just for the ladies any longer. Amazing, stunning and sophisticated, an earring or even a pair of earrings may be exactly what you need to boost your personal men's style. Hot doesn't just apply to the weather!

    Men's Earrings: Hot Hoops

    This summer has been the season of the hoop for men. Small hoops worn in both ears or in one, and in pairs stacked on one ear, were all over the runways this year. Yellow gold hoops in particular are back in fashion. We love this look. Small hoops translate well for  a change to the simple stud for nose piercings.

    gold hoops for men

    Dangle Earrings for Men

    The dangle earring looks as great on men as it does on women. Hanging earrings bring movement to the head and they look fabulous with short hair making this a great style for men's earrings. Wear one to create that element of shock and surprise when you turn your head. Fun and sexy, hanging earrings are a must for everyone!

    dangle earring.2

    Stones & Studs for Men

    Men's jewelry is one of the most innovative sections of the jewelry industry these days. Designers feel like they finally have entirely new areas and looks to explore. Men's jewelry is using innovative materials such as titanium and hard woods to capture the masculine spirit.

    oval peridot earrings

    Men's diamond studs look fabulous on men. Wear a ruby stud or deep green emeralds to bring out green and hazel eyes. Cabochon sapphires offer another interesting look for men.

    halo diamond earrings - Copy

    Onyx: Black and Elegant!

    Onyx is an entrancing stone perfect for capturing the masculine spirit. Deep and mysterious, an onyx earring can be worn for everyday as opposed to a simple metal stud. This is a look that looks as great in a casual setting as it does in black-tie paired with a stunning pair of cuff-links.

    Onyx pear shaped earrings

    No matter what your style, give earrings a try to bring out the color in your face and the sparkle in your eye. Men's earrings in Tampa are on-trend and HOT!



  • July Birthstone: Rubies are on FIRE!

    July is a fabulous month to be born and nothing celebrates a birthday better than a birthstone ring, necklace or pendant! Ruby is the traditional birthstone for July but there are other birthstones that are associated with the month of July including Onyx, Carnelian and even Moonstone.

    Diamond and Ruby Ring

    18KT Ruby & Diamond Ring

    The Origin of Birthstones

    Have you ever wondered where the tradition of associating a certain birthstone with your birth month was born? Birthstones and their association to the Zodiac extends back to the twelve stones used in the Arron's breastplate mentioned in Exodus. However, the tradition is probably even far older. Adopted and further codified by Christians and related to a passage in Revelation; the association of birthstones with birth months continues in the West up to modern times. There are textual references to the association of certain stones with certain birth months from eighth century Poland and sixteenth century Germany. Exactly which stone represents which month was further refined by Tiffany & Co in the 1870s and then by JA in 1912. For centuries stones have been associated with healing powers, luck and power and this is another reason birthstones are popular.

    Diamond and Ruby halo necklace

    Diamond and Ruby Halo Necklace

    The Meaning of Rubies

    Rubies are red and luscious, alive and mysterious. From their deep color comes the associations and symbolism associated with this gem. Rubies represent power and love. They also represent passion and energy. According to Bishop Marbodius from the eleventh century, "Ruby is the solitary and glowing eye which dragons and wyverns carry in the middle of their foreheads."

    Juleve Burmese Ruby and Diamond Ring

    Juleve Burmese Ruby and Diamond Ring

    Some Interesting Facts About Rubies

    Rubies are a variety of the mineral called corundum and the line between pink sapphires and rubies is based on color rather than composition. Rubies have a Trigonal structure and the chemical name is Aluminum oxide. The hardness of a ruby is a 9. Rubies can be cut into a variety of different shapes, but brilliant cut and cabochon, also known as star rubies, are two of the most prized cuts for this fabulous, rare stone.

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  • New Fun Choices for Engagement Rings in Tampa

    Twenty years ago almost every engagement ring was a Solitaire Diamond. While a Solitaire is beautiful, today there are many new styles of engagement rings to choose from that let you express your individual love.

    Juleve Pink Sapphire Ring

    Colored Stones in an Engagement Ring

    Choosing a colored stone for the central stone in your engagement ring is one way to make your engagement unique and special. Yellow diamonds and other alternative stones such as Morganite and Sapphire are excellent choices for alternative stones. The main stone must be fairly hard to withstand the daily wear an engagement ring endures. Using a colored central stone allows you to bring your favorite color into the ring you will wear every day.

    yellow diamond ring GDS

    Alternative Styles Make Excellent Engagement Rings

    Maybe a ring that is clearly an engagement ring just isn't your thing or maybe you want one ring rather than an engagement ring and a wedding band. One of the new trends in engagement rings is to choose a ring that isn't clearly an engagement ring to everyone who looks at it. For some couples an alternative style is exactly what they are looking for. An engagement ring is really a special symbol of two people's love, of what they mean to each other. This individual expression and meaning is one reason alternative styles are becoming increasingly popular in engagement rings.

    yellow diamond heart shaped ring

    Mixed Materials for Engagement Rings

    Mixing materials such as rose gold with white gold is another way to give an engagement ring a unique look. Mixing materials is vibrant and fun. Wake up the inner creativity in your soul with a ring that uses unique materials. Wedding bands today include rings made from titanium and even wood. Inset stones can further enhance unique the use of unique materials in wedding bands.

    Three stone diamond halo engagement ring side view

    GDS in Tampa loves the new vibrance and expressive quality of alternative engagement ring styles. Today you can find a ring that is exactly right for you.

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  • Summer Hair and Jewelry from GDS

    It’s getting hot! So up go the luscious locks. The secret with summer hair is to pull it up without it looking either too messy or too severe. Summer hair can be seductive with the right jewelry and a few hair tips to make your hair updo playful and sexy.

    at the gala

    Summer Hair’s Best Friend Bob

    Bobby pins. Yes, bobby pins. Bobby pins are essential for creating great summer hair styles. Whether you pull part of your hair up or all of it- a few well-placed bobby pins can help to keep your hair where you want it all day. Place the wavy side of the bobby pin next to your head to get the best grip. Don’t worry about using too many of these little gems either, they will disappear into your updo and almost completely.

    Elegant Earrings

    Earrings are the single most important thing for summer hair. Say goodbye to the washer-woman look instantly. Pulling your hair up can look instantly glamorous with a great pair of earrings. Dangle earrings are very sexy, post earrings are elegant and hoop earrings are fun. Earrings are essential for turning summer hair into a positive and looking finished and put together.

    evolving drop earring

    Evolving Drop Earrings

    Smoothing Gel

    Smoothing gel rather than too much hairspray is a great way to control all the wispy hairs created by the humidity.  Place smoothing gel (also sometimes called styling crème) on your hair while it is slightly damp and then put your hair up. An added bonus to smoothing gel is that your hair will remain soft and silky to the touch.

    Pendant Necklace

    Pulling your hair up with a plunging neckline begs for a fabulous necklace. Like earrings, a pendant necklace will leave you cool in the heat and make you look put together and sexy at the same time.

    sapphire and diamond necklace

    Juleve Pear Shape Sapphire & Diamond Necklace

    Divide and Conquer

    One of the secrets to great looking summer hair is to part your hair into sections while you are putting it up. Use a few large hair styling clips to hold the hair you aren’t working with at bay while you put the other sections of your hair up. The result will look more professional and even. This is also a great trick if you have less hair than you would like and you want to make your updo look sexy and full.

    Long Chain Necklace

    Another Fabulous look with an updo is a long chain necklace. Delicate and feminine a long chain necklace is a great way to add casual style to any summer outfit.

    Gold Chain necklace

    Chain necklace

    Right now is the perfect time to take advantage of our 100 Days of Summer sales event! Come into the store and update your summer jewelry!

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  • Jewelry for Him from GDS

    Celebrating Him is just as important and treasuring Her!

    Today’s men are sophisticated, stylish and elegant and there is no better gift than jewelry for him. Here are just a few reasons to think about jewelry the next time you are shopping for your man.

    Jewelry is Intrinsically Valuable

    We all love the way jewelry looks but it also has real value that stands the test of time. Unlike electronics or clothes of a thousand other things-when you give a gift of fine jewelry to a man, he will still have it in 2O years and this means a lot!

    mens bracelet

    14KT Gold Figaro Link Bracelet

    Men’s Jewelry is a Unique Expression of His Individuality

    In a world filled with mass produced everything it becomes very difficult to separate your sense of style from the pack. Men’s jewelry is one way to do this. Adding a pair of cufflinks for example is like adding a breath of fresh- air to a beautiful suit. Stylish men’s dressing is all about the details and cufflinks or a tie clip allow a man to make a suit his own.

    Gold cuff links for him

    Round Diamond Brushed Cufflinks

    Gems & Minerals are Just Fun

    About 90% of geologists and rock collectors are men. This is because gems and minerals are both fun and interesting. Geology is an artful blend of physics, chemistry and history. Precious and semi-precious stones are the kings of geology. Men can wear larger stones than a woman and they look absolutely fabulous. If your man loves rocks, it’s time to introduce him to Jewelry and the wonderful diversity of gems that are available in jewelry designs for men. This is an amazing world and GDS located in Clearwater, FL invites you to come into the store and explore!

    lapis tie tack

    Lapis Tie Tack

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