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  1. Crazy for May's Emerald Birthstone

    Calling all May babies! Those born in May can celebrate with the ever gorgeous emerald birthstone.

    Emeralds are known for their rich, vivid color and radiating beauty—perfect for spring birthdays. This gemstone has been celebrated and used in jewelry for centuries. A few emerald facts you might not know:

    • Emeralds are among the rarest of all gemstones. An emerald is even harder to find than a diamond!
    • Emeralds come in a range of color from faint, opaque green to deep green.
    • The deeper the green, the more valuable the emerald.
    • Unlike diamonds—imperfections in emeralds can improve the stone’s value. Emeralds contain internal fractures called inclusions, which create an appealing pattern that generally increases the stone’s value instead of detracting from it!
    • Emeralds are larger than diamonds. Compared carat to carat, a 1ct emerald is larger than a 1ct diamond, due to the emerald’s less dense composition.
    • Unlike diamond clarity, which must be evaluated at 10x magnification, an emerald’s clarity can be evaluated with the naked eye.
    • Emeralds are an ancient symbol of eternal youth— so much so that mummies in Ancient Egypt were often buried with an emerald around their neck, as they believe the gemstone was a symbol of eternal youth.
    • In ancient times, emeralds were believed to posses mystical power that could give the wearer the ability to foresee the future and see the truth. It was also believed that emeralds would protect the wearer against evil and even cure diseases like malaria and cholera.

    Here are some of our favorite May birthstone jewelry, hand picked for their rich color and gorgeous green allure:

    White Gold Diamond And Emerald Polished Ring
    Juleve Emerald & Diamond Halo Leverback Drop Earrings
    Yellow Gold Flex Band Featuring .36 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Emeralds
    Yellow Gold Emerald & Diamond Necklace
    White Gold Emerald and Diamond Band
    White Gold Diamond & Emerald 3 Stone Halo Bangle Bracelet
    White Gold Diamond & Emerald Drop Bar Earrings


    We invite you to visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view all emerald birthstone jewelry, or shop a selection online HERE.

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  2. Jewelry Cleaning Made Easy

    From your engagement ring to that treasured heirloom piece, your jewelry collection likely features some of the most precious items you own. By incorporating a few precautions and maintenance habits now, you can make sure your jewelry shines for years to come!

    We are sharing the most important (and easy!) tips to keeping your engagement ring, necklaces, rings, pendants, and bracelets as dazzling as the day you first put it on!


    Avoid harsh chemical residue.

    The first step to keeping beautiful jewelry is to avoid damaging it. Chemicals from everyday products ( like the ones in perfume, sunscreen, and lotion) can add residue to gold and gemstones, which can cause potential damage. Make it a habit to remove your jewelry before applying products that may be made with harmful chemicals.

    Clean your well-loved pieces at home with mild solutions.

    Regularly wash your engagement ring and other commonly-worn pieces at home by soaking it in a mixture of warm water and mild dishwashing liquid for roughly 30 minutes before gently scrubbing them with a soft bristle toothbrush.

    You can also clean metals and precious stones with baking soda with its mild, non-abrasive consistency that makes it perfect for cleaning . Simply pour a bit of baking soda into a bowl and mix it with a bit of warm water to create a soft paste. Take off your ring and use your fingers to gently rub the paste around the stone, the setting, and the ring. Rinse the ring in warm water and dry with a lint-free cloth.

    Keep a go-to safe spot.

    Whether you always take your jewelry off to sleep or shower, or if you only remove it when you really must, it's wise to have a designated spot for your engagement ring and other daily pieces. Whether you choose a specific area in your jewelry box, or a small dish on your dresser, having a go-to location will cut down on the chances of forgetting where you put it.

    Restore shine to white gold and platinum.

    No matter what care you give your jewelry, every white gold ring will start to dull and a yellow hue will start to shine through. This is natural and unavoidable, but the gold’s original sheen can be easily restored through a process called Rhodium plating.

    While platinum rings do not need Rhodium treatments as platinum does not originally start off as yellow, those who want a shinier look to their platinum engagement ring can opt to have their platinum band plated for more shine.

    Consider an alternative ring.

    Many brides are choosing to rely on a “backup ring” to supplement their engagement ring. This ring is an alternate to your engagement ring that is often less valuable and can be worn without worry of it getting lost or damaged. When you don't want to put your engagement ring at risk (a long day at the beach or gardening, for example), leave the real bling at home and opt for a ring of lesser value.

    Get insurance.

    As with any serious investment, it's wise to consider getting insurance for your engagement ring. While it might be emotionally difficult to ever have to replace your engagement ring, knowing you wouldn't have the financial upset if you ever did lose it can be more than worth it.

    Schedule professional cleanings.

    Our jewelers at Gold and Diamond Source are happy to give your jewelry a thorough, professional cleaning. Not only will we clean your jewelry, but we will examine it under magnification to make sure the prongs and clasps are secure, and to check for fractures and loose stones. It is wise to have your ring and other commonly-worn jewelry professionally cleaned twice a year to maintain the structural integrity and keep it as dazzling as the first day.



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  3. How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring

    18 Karat White Gold Graduated Diamond Accent Setting Featuring a 2.00 Carat Round Center Diamond and 1.375 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds

    Whether you've already asked or are looking forward to popping the question in the near future, finding the perfect engagement ring is a big deal! Like most big steps in life, communication is the first step, and picking out an engagement ring is no exception. Even if you or your partner are planning a surprise proposal, it's a good idea to discuss a few key factors as a couple.

    You will wear your engagement ring for years to come, through all seasons and all life events, so now is the time to explore, discuss, and try on different shapes, styles, and sizes to find a ring that feels just right for you.

    While you can visit our showroom today and purchase an engagement ring, there is a lot of value in a little preparation. Start with the questions below and visit our engagement ring experts when you are ready to find your dream engagement ring.


    Which engagement ring styles catch your eye?

    It's a good idea to get a basic understanding of different engagement ring styles to start off with. Consider a simple solitaire, a bold halo, or a pretty vintage design to get started. You can explore different engagement ring styles here.


    What kind of diamond or gemstone do you fancy?

    Many couples are opting for engagement rings featuring a center or accent colored gemstones. Consider if you want only white diamonds, or if you'd like to include some color as a nod to your favorite color, birthstone, or the month you plan to marry. Consider sapphires, rubies, emeralds, or fancy-colored diamonds.


    What shape do you love?

    There are a number of different diamond shapes or ‘cuts’ available, and having an idea of which you prefer (round, pear, heart, and more!) will make it much easier to find the perfect gem for your engagement ring. The diamond shape might be the most visually significant choice you make, so be sure to consider shapes that reflect your personal style.

    Explore different diamond shapes and sizes here.


    What does your budget look like?

    It might not be the first thing you want to talk about when considering a proposal, but getting an idea of budget is healthy and helps set expectations for both partners. There are a lot of engagement rings out there, and getting an idea of budget early helps narrow the choices and keep you on track.


    Do you know your ring size?

    There are two ways you can find your or your gift reciprient's ring size. Simply use the ring size guide here using a few household items, or if you have time to spare, you can order our exclusive plastic ring sizer here. Be sure to measure both at the beginning of the day and at the end, as your fingers are prone to change size slightly throughout the day.


    Next up: Try it on for size.

    While it's easy to fall in love with engagement rings on Pinterest or Instagram, it's also a good idea to try on different styles in person. You’ll want to know how the ring really feels and fits on your hand until you actually see it up close.


    One more thing: Don’t forget the important stuff.

    At Gold and Diamond Source, we'll make sure you are set during and after purchasing your engagement ring. Here are a few things to consider:


    Visit Gold & Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to see our full selections and talk to our engagement ring experts, or click HERE to explore different styles online before you come in.



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  4. Spotlight on Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

    This halo style engagement ring features a rectangular halo with a 1 carat emerald cut center diamond and 0.875 carats total weight of round brilliant accent diamonds.

    We're all about yellow gold! Known for its warm, rich glow, it has been lovingly used to create jewelry and engagement rings for centuries. It is perfect for a timeless look and for couples seeking a vintage-inspired engagement ring.  Is a yellow gold engagement ring right for you?

    All About Those Karats

    Confused about the difference between karats and carats? Karat denotes a metal's purity, and carat measures the weight of diamonds and gemstones. The most common yellow gold that you’ll come across is 14kt and 18kt gold.

    • 14kt gold is 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloy, making it 58.3% gold.
    • 18kt gold is 18 parts gold and 6 parts alloy, making it 75% gold, making 18kt gold purer than 14kt gold.
    • 18kt gold is an ideal gold mixture because it combines durability, purity, and beauty.
    • 24kt is considered to be pure gold, but it is typically too soft to use for jewelry.

    Yellow Gold and Diamonds

    A yellow gold setting will help hide the color of a faint diamond, so you can go lower on the diamond color grade scale for your center stone. This can help save you money compared to a white gold or platinum setting that might make color more obvious. If you are looking for a vintage-style engagement ring, the warm hues of a faint diamond and the rich tone of yellow gold might be perfect.

    Yellow Gold Facts

    • Yellow gold is extremely durable with a lifespan of 20-30 years.
    • Yellow gold should be polished and cleaned regularly. Because gold is a softer element, it is subject to dents and scratches no matter what karat you get.
    • 18kt gold is the most hypoallergenic option for yellow gold jewelry. 18kt gold is purer in gold content, so it will have less nickel in it than 14kt gold or 10kt gold.
    • Yellow gold is also a better hypoallergenic option than white gold, which often contains higher levels of nickel in order to give it a silver appearance.
    • Yellow gold generally looks best on those with a warm or neutral skin tone.


    Visit Gold & Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to see our full selection and talk to our engagement ring experts, or click HERE to explore different styles online before you come in.



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  5. Diamond Stud Earrings for Every Budget

    As women, our style can change throughout the seasons of our life, and can even shift throughout the day! From rushing to work, to catching the afternoon PTA meeting, to squeezing in drinks with friends, we've learned to count on the tried and true jewelry that helps us shine while keeping up with a busy schedule.

    When we want a busy day to be a fashionable day, we count on diamond stud earrings. Minimal and classic, diamond earrings can be the perfect accessory to carry that casual daytime look into a stunning evening ensemble. Next time you find yourself slipping out of your daywear and getting ready for a night out, make sure you’re equipped with these essential day-to-night jewels.

    Our Favorite Diamond Stud Earrings

    Diamond studs are everything a classic pair of earrings should be— they are simple, elegant, and breathtakingly beautiful. They are modest enough to wear to the office— so stunning that they are sure to draw attention, but not too big or bold in a way that’s distracting. And what they lack in size they more than make up for in shimmering decadence. Their dazzling silhouette will steal the show as they catch the candlelight of a romantic dinner for two.

    Under $150

    14 Karat White Gold 1/20 Carat Total Weight Diamond Stud Earrings.

    Under $300

    14 Karat Yellow Gold 0.25 Carat Total Weight Princess Cut Diamond Earrings


    Under $500

    14 Karat Gold Pave Set Round Flat Earrings Featuring .20 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds


    Under $600

    14 Karat White Gold 0.25 Carat Total Weight Princess Cut And Round Diamond Halo Earrings


    Under $1,000

    14 Karat White Gold 0.50 Carat Total Weight Round Diamond Halo Earrings


    And Above

    These Stunning 10.03 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds Are Set in 18 Karat White Gold. Both Diamonds Are J Color, SI2 Clarity, and Are Certified by GIA


    Get out there and show the world what you’re made of— a master multitasker, a Jane of all trades, and a fierce fashionista - and remember that a perfect pair of earrings can be a woman’s best jewelry accessory. Visit Gold & Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to experience our full selection, or click HERE to shop online for the perfect pair of earrings for yourself or your loved one.



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