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  1. 5 Questions to the Perfect Men's Wedding Band

    Engagements typically start off with all the focus on her... you want to find the perfect engagement ring she will love, and then craft the perfect proposal to ask for her hand in marriage. After she says yes and posts those beautiful ring selfies, it's time to plan the big day. Now the focus balances out and men get the chance to find their perfect wedding band.

    While some men love jewelry and everything that comes with it, some grooms-to-be are easily overwhelmed with the limitless options when finding or creating a wedding band that reflects their style and needs.

    Your wedding band will most likely be your most-worn piece of jewelry, and it symbolizes the biggest commitment you will ever make, so we encourage you to take the time to find a ring you will love to wear.

    Here are five questions to consider before picking out your wedding band.

    • Think about the finish. Some wedding bands are naturally polished, providing a high-shine finish. Others use brushed metal, which dulls the natural shine. Think about your personal style, and what is best suited to it.
    • Traditional or modern? It’s your wedding ring, so the style is entirely up to you. If you want to keep it traditional, choose a simple gold band. If you prefer to choose something a little more unusual, there are plenty of distinctive wedding rings available, such as this striking black titanium band.
    • To match, or not to match? Some couples like to have matching rings, to symbolize their union in marriage. Others like to choose rings that celebrate their unique personality. Discuss your options with your bride before choosing a ring, to ensure that you’re both in agreement, whatever the decision.
    • Know your size. It’s always a good idea to know your ring size before heading out to make your purchase. If you’re unsure, it’s likely that the jewelry store will be able to measure your finger for you.
    • Think about practicality. You’ll be wearing this ring every day, so you’ll want to make sure that it can withstand the rigors of your lifestyle. If you work a lot with your hands, you might want to consider choosing a material that is scratch-resistant.

    Work with an expert to find your perfect wedding band.

    If you’re on the fence with finding the perfect ring, our team of experts at Gold and Diamond source are happy to show you options that will fit your style and lifestyle. Visit us at our Clearwater showroom to experience a large variety of men's wedding bands.


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  2. Spotlight on Pear Shape Engagement Rings

    Pear Engagement Ring Setting

    A pear shaped diamond engagement ring may be the perfect ring for you! We are sharing are some of the things that we at Gold and Diamond Source love about pear shaped diamonds as well as some practical considerations to take into account when considering a pear shaped diamond.

    The Unusual and Alluring Brilliant Cut Pear

    The pear diamond is a combination of the elongated marquise cut and the round brilliant cut. The brilliant cut gives the pear, often called the brilliant-cut pear, its sparkle and pizzazz while the marquise cut contributes its symmetry and elegant lines. This makes these stones both unusual and alluring. Pear diamonds are also asymmetrical and this is an unusual attribute for a diamond. For this reason alone, it is worth taking some time to look at the pear shaped diamonds we carry at GDS in person so that you can get an accurate feel as to whether this is the right stone for you or not. The pear shape lends itself easily to modern and avant-garde settings and if this is part of your personal style, a pear shaped diamond could be the perfect cut for you.


    Things to Consider When Buying a Pear Shaped Diamond

    As a unique cut, the pear shaped diamond has some benefits as well as some things to consider.

    On the positive side, a pear shaped diamond is one of the best shapes for making your fingers look longer, thinner and more elegant. Putting a pear shaped ring on your finger is like an instant diet for your hands, if only the rest of the body were so easy! Ah well. Seriously, try one of these rings on in our Clearwater store and watch the transformation, it’s amazing.

    Pear shaped diamonds are also sometimes slightly less expensive than their brilliant round cousins. This is because if there is a flaw in the natural stone that would be unacceptable in another cut, in a pear, these imperfections are either completely cut away or they are made almost invisible thanks to the placement of the prong at the point of the pear to secure the diamond. The placement of the prong at the tip also gives the shape exceptional radiance because of the way the light is able to play off the stone from both sides.

    The pear shaped diamond is a diamond you should absolutely buy in person. All pear diamonds have a degree of what is called the bow-tie effect from the cut of the stone. This refers to a bow-shaped shadow that can be seen in the center of the stone. In the best pears, this bow-tie shaped shadow is just barely visible and often only visible if you know what you are looking for. Pronounced bow-ties are considered undesirable and they can dramatically influence the cost of the diamond. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to judge the severity of a bow-tie in a photograph so this is not a stone to buy online.

    Ideal proportions are always important for diamonds but they are exceptionally important for pear shaped diamonds. The ideal proportions are considered to be somewhere between 1.4 to 1.7. The second thing to look for in a pear is a proportional cut between the two halves of the stone. What this means is that if you were to place an imaginary line down the middle of the stone, both halves should be almost exactly the same size. Lastly, as with other diamonds, color, clarity, polish and size influence the cost of these stones.


    Pear Shaped Diamond Facts 

    Perhaps the most famous pear shaped diamond ring in history was made for the Brilliant Hollywood Queen herself, Elizabeth Taylor, in 1969 by Harry Winston. Known as the Taylor- Burton diamond, this pear shaped diamond ring originally weighed in at an incredible 69.42 carats. The original rough diamond, from the Premier Mine in South Africa weighed 241 carats. It was so large that Taylor eventually turned it into a pendant necklace instead and urban legend says that she had the necklace designed to specifically hide the tracheotomy scar she received from pneumonia in 1961.

    In 2014, Sotheby’s in Hong Kong sold an internally flawless vivid pink diamond weighing in at 8.41 carats for a then record high of $17.77 million.

    Katherine Heigl, Victoria Beckman, and Jessica Simpson all wear pear shaped engagement rings. Visit us at Gold and Diamond Source in Clearwater and see if a pretty pear diamond is for you!


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  3. Gents Jewelry and Accessories for Father's Day

    Father's Day is Sunday, June 17th. Whether you are shopping for your own dad or the father of your children, Father's Day is a day to celebrate all the little and big ways fathers add joy to our lives. From custom keychains to necklaces to tie clips, we have a few Father's Day gift ideas he is sure to love:

    This stainless steel brushed key ring is a perfect gift for a father from his children.
    Have a music lover in your life? This classy stainless steel key ring features a guitar surrounded by a carbon fiber inlay.


    Help him look good with this Stainless Steel Tie Bar With Black Enamel.
    Gift him classic 14 karat yellow gold square cuff links to finish off the perfect suit.


    For the man who loves his accessories, a Rose Gold Cable Chain.
    Engrave a message in this Stainless Steel Brushed Polished Key Chain.
    Add some color to his look with a yellow gold lapis tie tack.


    Visit our Clearwater showroom or shop more Father's Day gift ideas HERE.


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  4. Style for Him: Benchmark Wedding Bands

    Just like your love, your proposal, your wedding, and your marriage, your wedding rings should be unique to you. In appreciation of all that makes your love so unique, Gold and Diamond Source is proud to feature top collections that satisfy every personal style and desire. Today we are spotlighting Benchmark Wedding Bands.
    Spotlight on Designer Rings from Benchmark 
    One exciting brand available in the Gold & Diamond Source showroom and on our website is Benchmark. Founded in 1970, Benchmark is  dedicated to designing and creating the best wedding rings in the world.
    They operate from the belief that quality comes from craft and craft comes from precision. Every corner of any brilliant Benchmark-created piece has been meticulously planned. These origins of excellence are derived from the drawing board; where everything starts and where creativity unites with functionality to manifest the very finest of wedding rings.
    Using a variety of popular metals, textures, patterns, and stones, Benchmark offers inspired designs that reflect the personal taste of the wearer. Whether you prefer a simple metal band, a bold texture, or a little bling, Benchmark has the wedding band to match your style.
    Explore Benchmark Wedding Bands at our Clearwater showroom or browse wedding bands online HERE.


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  5. How to Safely Sell Your Jewelry

    We get it. You've outgrown the style, or you've outgrown the relationship, or you just want something new. Whatever the reason, there may come a time when you want to sell your jewelry. However, whilst it may be tempting to simply put your items on eBay and hope for the best, this is seldom the best approach, particularly if you’re looking for a good return on your initial investment.

    If you have decided to sell your unwanted jewelry and want to know the best way to do it, here’s a helpful guide.


    How to Safely Sell Your Unwanted Jewelry for the Best Price

    1)    Find a reputable reseller. If possible, avoid selling valuable jewelry on sites such as eBay. They’re competitive, occasionally unreliable, and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll make the money that your item is worth. Instead, do some investigation in your local area. Identify reputable jewelry stores that are happy to value and buy your jewelry.

    2)    Get a valuation. If you want to get a good price for your item, it’s a good idea to know how much it’s worth. However, be aware that prices fluctuate, and your jewelry may not be worth the same as when you purchased it. A good dealer will weigh your jewelry, then offer you a price then and there for your consideration.

    3)    Explore your options. Don’t simply settle for the first jewelry buyer you find. Don’t let price be the one and only factor influencing your decision either. It’s better to sell to a reputable dealer than one with a shady reputation!

    4)    Be realistic. It’s important to be realistic when selling your jewelry. You may have paid thousands for it when you bought it originally, but if it has become damaged or scratched, this will affect its value.

    5)    Know how you’ll be paid. Be aware that different jewelry buyers may pay in different ways. Some may offer cash on the spot, others may offer a bank transfer or check. If you’ve got any queries or concerns about payment, make sure you address them at the time, rather than leaving it until it’s too late.


    Securing the Best Price for Your Jewelry

    If you’re looking to sell your unwanted jewelry at a fair price, then get in touch with us here at Gold and Diamond Source today. We offer an in-store selling service, or alternatively, if you live out of the area, we can send a free gold kit in the mail. Find out what used jewelry we will and won't purchase with our gold and diamond buying guide HERE. To find out more, simply call 1-800-494-4940 or click HERE.



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