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  • Summer Hair and Jewelry from GDS

    It’s getting hot! So up go the luscious locks. The secret with summer hair is to pull it up without it looking either too messy or too severe. Summer hair can be seductive with the right jewelry and a few hair tips to make your hair updo playful and sexy.

    at the gala

    Summer Hair’s Best Friend Bob

    Bobby pins. Yes, bobby pins. Bobby pins are essential for creating great summer hair styles. Whether you pull part of your hair up or all of it- a few well-placed bobby pins can help to keep your hair where you want it all day. Place the wavy side of the bobby pin next to your head to get the best grip. Don’t worry about using too many of these little gems either, they will disappear into your updo and almost completely.

    Elegant Earrings

    Earrings are the single most important thing for summer hair. Say goodbye to the washer-woman look instantly. Pulling your hair up can look instantly glamorous with a great pair of earrings. Dangle earrings are very sexy, post earrings are elegant and hoop earrings are fun. Earrings are essential for turning summer hair into a positive and looking finished and put together.

    evolving drop earring

    Evolving Drop Earrings

    Smoothing Gel

    Smoothing gel rather than too much hairspray is a great way to control all the wispy hairs created by the humidity.  Place smoothing gel (also sometimes called styling crème) on your hair while it is slightly damp and then put your hair up. An added bonus to smoothing gel is that your hair will remain soft and silky to the touch.

    Pendant Necklace

    Pulling your hair up with a plunging neckline begs for a fabulous necklace. Like earrings, a pendant necklace will leave you cool in the heat and make you look put together and sexy at the same time.

    sapphire and diamond necklace

    Juleve Pear Shape Sapphire & Diamond Necklace

    Divide and Conquer

    One of the secrets to great looking summer hair is to part your hair into sections while you are putting it up. Use a few large hair styling clips to hold the hair you aren’t working with at bay while you put the other sections of your hair up. The result will look more professional and even. This is also a great trick if you have less hair than you would like and you want to make your updo look sexy and full.

    Long Chain Necklace

    Another Fabulous look with an updo is a long chain necklace. Delicate and feminine a long chain necklace is a great way to add casual style to any summer outfit.

    Gold Chain necklace

    Chain necklace

    Right now is the perfect time to take advantage of our 100 Days of Summer sales event! Come into the store and update your summer jewelry!

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  • Jewelry for Him from GDS

    Celebrating Him is just as important and treasuring Her!

    Today’s men are sophisticated, stylish and elegant and there is no better gift than jewelry for him. Here are just a few reasons to think about jewelry the next time you are shopping for your man.

    Jewelry is Intrinsically Valuable

    We all love the way jewelry looks but it also has real value that stands the test of time. Unlike electronics or clothes of a thousand other things-when you give a gift of fine jewelry to a man, he will still have it in 2O years and this means a lot!

    mens bracelet

    14KT Gold Figaro Link Bracelet

    Men’s Jewelry is a Unique Expression of His Individuality

    In a world filled with mass produced everything it becomes very difficult to separate your sense of style from the pack. Men’s jewelry is one way to do this. Adding a pair of cufflinks for example is like adding a breath of fresh- air to a beautiful suit. Stylish men’s dressing is all about the details and cufflinks or a tie clip allow a man to make a suit his own.

    Gold cuff links for him

    Round Diamond Brushed Cufflinks

    Gems & Minerals are Just Fun

    About 90% of geologists and rock collectors are men. This is because gems and minerals are both fun and interesting. Geology is an artful blend of physics, chemistry and history. Precious and semi-precious stones are the kings of geology. Men can wear larger stones than a woman and they look absolutely fabulous. If your man loves rocks, it’s time to introduce him to Jewelry and the wonderful diversity of gems that are available in jewelry designs for men. This is an amazing world and GDS located in Clearwater, FL invites you to come into the store and explore!

    lapis tie tack

    Lapis Tie Tack

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  • 3 Smart Ways to Start Your Marriage Off Right From GDS

    1. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff | Let the Small Stuff GO!

    One of the hardest things about starting a marriage is you both will need to share things you have not shared before. Space… time… stuff.

    Take it from GDS, let the small stuff GO. A LOT of the things that can get on your nerves is just small stuff. So he doesn’t pick up his socks? So you do take an hour to get ready in the morning and you need your bathroom alone time. So what!

    These are all small things and if you both agree to embrace your love for one another and not sweat the small stuff you will both be happier and your marriage will be healthier!

    1. New Marriage Finances | 100 days of Summer at GDS: June 15-30th

    When a couple goes from dating to marriage, your finances become one. This means your expenses will go down- you will likely now be living on two incomes in one home and this translates into a better financial arrangement. However, if you want to optimize these advantages you will need to discuss your financial goals and be smart about it.

    A great way to start optimize your budget is to take advantage of 100 days of Summer at GDS: June 15-30th.

    This is our gift to you from Gold & Diamond Source to help you start your marriage off on the right foot. You must qualify for this offer and it cannot be combined with any of our other offers.  Our 100 Days of Summer Special Financing gives you:

    0% APR for 5 years*


    No Interest for 5 years*

    Apply In-Store Or Online

    Free financing for 5 years is a LONG time. This will let you get yourselves situated and settled in your new marriage without debt. This is a huge gift. Start with your engagement and wedding rings and then look for the best financing deals for things like furniture to help make your new marriage the best it can be.

    1. Make a Point of Saying Thank You Every Day

    Dating is exciting and both people are usually on their best behavior. As you settle into marriage it is easy to start taking the other person for granted. When comfort sets in, it can cause one or both of you to start feeling unappreciated. Make a point of saying thank you for something your partner has done for you every day and you will be on the path to creating a long and loving marriage.

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  • Father’s Day Finds From Gold & Diamond Source

    Fathers take care of us, love us and provide guidance. Fathers fix things, haul to soccer games and mow the grass. Fathers give us all so much every day of the year and Father’s Day is simply a day all of us can acknowledge what Dads do for us all the time.

    GDS in Tampa has some great Father’s Day gifts to help you celebrate Dad this year.

    Does Dad love his mountain bike? Well if he does, he will love this fun and stylish stainless steel bike link necklace. Tasteful and innovative, this necklace is a great addition to any casual wardrobe. It’s unusual enough, that is meets the men’s cool test.

    Bike chain necklace for him

    Stainless Steel Bike Link Necklace

    A “Dad” keychain is a great way to tell Dad you love him and are thinking about him this Father’s Day. Simple and useful, Dad will think of you every time he grabs his keys. This is also the right weight and size for a men’s pocket and there can be no more mistakes when it comes to whose keys are whose in the morning.

    Dad Key chain

    Stainless Steel Brushed Dad Key Chain

    A man’s ring for Father’s Day is the perfect gift for the man who has everything. Dad can express his sense of style and his love for the earth and the stars with this amazing Star Sapphire Ring. This one-of-a kind men's Juleve, 44.76 Carat, Cabochon Shape Star Sapphire is accented with bullet shaped side diamonds. The entire ring is crafted In 18 karat White Gold.

    mens star sapphire ring

    Juleve Mens Star Sapphire Ring

    Whatever present you decides to get for Dad this Father’s Day we know he will love it because it came from you. There is no better present for a man than expressions of love from his family.

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  • Pink Sapphires & Clearwater: A Match Made in Heaven: Gold & Diamond Source

    Pink Sapphires are vibrant, alive and amazing, just like Clearwater! We think the vitality and beauty of these gemstones is perfect for Florida. Gold & Diamond Source makes a point of finding the best quality Pink Sapphires in the world to create jewelry that captivates!

    The Pink Sapphire is a cousin to the more well known Blue Sapphire. Like Blue Sapphires, Pink Sapphires are sought after as gemstones due to their hardness, clarity and brilliance. Pink Sapphires come from the same gemstone family, Corundum, as Rubies. Sapphires also come in a variety of other colors including yellow, purple, green and even black. The pink-orange, Padparadscha Sapphire is a very rare subset of Pink Sapphires.

    As delicate as a new bride and as bold as the sea, this exquisite Juleve Bezel Set Oval Pink Sapphire weighing 2.55 carats is accompanied by 0.42 carats total weight Round Diamonds. A Filigree & Milgrain Design crafted from 18 carat white & yellow gold makes this a piece to remember.

    Pink sapphire and diamond filigree ring

    Juleve Pink Sapphire & Diamond Filigree Ring


    Non-Heat Treated Pink Sapphires

    Most Pink Sapphires are heat treated to enhance both their color and their clarity. Occasionally, completely natural Pink Sapphires have both exceptional color and clarity and they are not heat treated. These stones are extremely rare and valuable.

    Be still my beating heart! Surprise her with a stunning 1.17 carat Cushion Cut Non Heat Treated Pink Sapphire nestled in 0.71 carats total weight of Round Diamonds set in 18 karat white & rose gold and accompanied by an 18 inch diamond by the yard necklace, this is an excellent gift.

    pink sapphire necklace

    Juleve Pink Sapphire & Diamond Necklace


    Cushion Cut Pink Sapphire Ring

    Cushion Cut Sapphires are Gorgeous. This Juleve 1.25 Carat Cushion Cut Pink Sapphire is GIA certified and set in 18 karat white gold with 0.95 carat total weight round brilliant halo & side accent diamonds. This one of a kind ring can only be found at Gold & Diamond Source.

    cushion cut pink saphire ring

    Juleve Cushion Cut Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring

    Pink Sapphires and Diamonds: A Perfect Pair

    Pink Sapphires pair exceptionally well with diamonds. Only a few stones can compete with the brilliance and elegance of diamonds. The cool clarity of clear diamonds enhances the rich hot tones of the Natural Gem Quality 3.11 Cushion Cut Pink-Red Sapphire below. Accented by Emerald Cut and Baguette Cut Diamonds, and finished off with round diamonds, this ring is breathtaking.

    pink sapphire and diamond ring

    Juleve Pink-Red Sapphire & Diamond Ring

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