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  1. Do You Wear Wedding Band Above Or Below Engagement Ring?

    There are many traditions that suggest different ways to wear your wedding and engagement rings after marriage. All the information on the internet and suggestions from family and friends can be confusing. It might be surprising to know there is a specific order in which brides will usually wear their engagement rings and wedding bands after marriage. 

    However, just because something is tradition doesn't mean you must follow it. Ultimately, it's important to choose what style is right for you. But for all newlyweds, here is a short guide to the most common way to wear these two rings.

    The Tradition of Wedding Jewelry

    In Western tradition, women will wear their engagement rings on their left ring finger, a practice which dates back to ancient Rome, where they believed that the left ring finger contained a vein that connected back to the heart. However, after marriage, most brides will now also have a wedding band to wear on that same finger. But what goes first? The wedding band, or the engagement ring? 

    Surprisingly, there is a tradition that specifies the order in which these two rings should be worn. It's technically "correct" to wear the wedding band at the base of the left ring finger, with the engagement ring stacked on top. This is because the wedding ring is the ultimate symbol of commitment, and should therefore be closer to the heart of the woman wearing the ring. After the wedding, some brides will even fuse their rings together into one bridal set, with the wedding band appearing first on the finger, followed by the engagement ring.

    The Verdict?

    To recap, wedding bands are traditionally worn under the engagement ring. However, just because something is tradition does not mean that you have to adopt that same style. Rings can be worn on any finger, in any order, and it will still symbolize your commitment to the person you love!

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  2. How To Hint What Engagement Ring You Want

    Ah, the ring of your dreams! In a perfect world, you would simply tell your beloved what you would like, and he would buy it. But we all know that life doesn't always work like that. Here are some time-tested strategies updated for our digital age:

    Hint, Hint, Hint

    There's nothing like a good hint, and Pinterest can be your best friend for this. Scrapbooking could work, too, but that might be a bit more labor-intensive.

    Simply create a Pinterest board and leave the site open on your laptop, but not in the main tab. Sit down with him to look at something else, and then "accidentally" open the Pinterest tab. Fumble around to try to get out of it, but take enough time so that he understands the theme of the page. You must be consistent in the style you choose, or it will just confuse him. 

    Talk Isn't Cheap

    If you can talk him into watching a season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, you'll have a natural opening. As the prospective groom is chatting with Neil Lane and viewing the ring collection, you can make subtle comments about each ring. If the bachelor chooses too quickly, you'll still have opportunity when he presents the ring at the proposal. There will be more opportunities at this point to discuss what you do or don't like about the chosen ring.

    Other opportunities will arise as friends get engaged. You can discuss your preferences ad nauseam, and he'll eagerly take it all in. You can hope.  

    Those Pesky Ads

    You know you are being tracked. Search out the ring of your dreams online, and then sit back and wait for the ads to pop up. As you two casually look through your phones, you can comment about how these ads are following you around. Combine annoyance about the ads with admiration for the particular ring that you'd love to see on your own finger one day -- a winning strategy!

    Tell Your Sister, Mother or BFF

    What's the chance that one of them won't pull him aside to share your preferences? Just be sure to share with them more details than simple styling. You need to make sure they know your preferred carat size. We know one young lady who ended up very disappointed because her mother picked up on the basic style to tell her future son-in-law, but she then assured him that her daughter wouldn't want him to spend a fortune. Wrong! 

    If All Else Fails

    It's possible that you are dating someone who won't pick up on any of these subtleties. And maybe he is someone who prefers straightforward communication. Go for it, and express your preferences. If you've already been ring shopping together, this shouldn't even be awkward. And he may so appreciate your honesty that it will confirm you are the perfect companion for him!

    Our founder and CEO still hand selects the diamonds in our extensive collection. We are a family owned and operated business that treats you as our most important customer. Please contact us to help you select the perfect ring.

  3. Can An Engagement Ring Be Too Big?

    Getting an engagement ring always stands out as an amazing part of life. As you get an engagement ring, you may wonder if your significant other bought the right size for you. Even though you won't know until you wear it, you need to address engagement ring sizes. We want to see if engagement rings can be too big and what you should do if yours doesn't properly fit.

    Can an Engagement Ring Be Too Big?

    Since engagement rings come in multiple sizes, you could end up with one too big for your finger. Engagement ring size matters since you don't want it to slip off your finger during the day. You want an engagement ring that will remain secure, so you should address the issue immediately if you have a large ring.

    How to Know When a Ring is Too Big

    Depending on your ring knowledge, you may not know if your ring is too big. Luckily, you have a simple way to check if you should get a smaller size. See if your friend can remove the ring, and if he or she can, then you need a smaller engagement ring.

    How to Resize an Engagement Ring

    While you can resize most engagement rings, some of them are made of a material that prevents resizing. Depending on your situation, you can either contact a jeweler or use rubber ring adjusters to make it fit. Your jeweler can change the size of the ring while a rubber adjuster will give you a quick fix, so choose the option you prefer.


    Since you could end up with an engagement ring too big for your finger, you should know what you can do to fix that problem. Luckily, various companies can help you with your engagement ring to make sure it fits. If you need help resizing your engagement ring, you should contact us with your questions and concerns.

  4. Should You Sleep With Your Engagement Ring On?

    When you put that engagement ring on for the first time, you might feel like you never want to take it off. Like any piece of jewelry, though, an engagement ring should be treated with care, and there are times when you'll need to remove it to make sure it stays in good condition.

    So the short answer is: no, you shouldn't wear your engagement ring to sleep.

    Overnight Damage

    There are many ways your ring could be damaged while you're asleep:

    • It could get caught on something, like your clothes or the blankets.
    • You could hit it against something as you're getting in and out of bed, or heading to the bathroom or kitchen in the middle of the night, when you're tired and not paying attention.
    • Certain types of stones are more fragile than others. If your ring has something other than a diamond in it, you might need to treat it more delicately. In fact, even a diamond ring can get scratched.
    • Last, putting pressure on the band (such as by rolling over or pinning it under your body as you sleep) can cause it to bend or otherwise damage its shape.

    Benefits of Removing Your Ring at Night

    Along with ensuring that you don't damage your ring in your sleep, taking it off at night has other benefits.

    • You won't have to worry about scratching yourself with it.
    • You can get into the habit of automatically placing it somewhere safe, like a ring holder or jewelry box, whenever you're not wearing it. This practice will come in handy when you need to take it off at other times.
    • Removing it regularly can help you pay attention to the fit and any signs that your engagement ring is too tight

    It's okay to wear your ring to bed sometimes — don't panic if you forget you're wearing it and then realize you kept it on overnight the next morning. But you should try not to do it all the time. Your engagement ring is a meaningful piece of jewelry, and it's worth taking care of. 

    At Gold & Diamond Source, we love helping people find the perfect engagement rings and wedding bands. Contact us today to get started.

  5. Is It Bad Luck To Reuse An Engagement Ring?

    Buying the perfect engagement ring for your loved one is never an easy task. Yes, technology has made it a little simpler, thanks to online shopping. However, what happens when the perfect diamond is way out of your price tag? Indeed, diamonds are forever; but is it worth jeopardizing your bank account?

    Most people save up for several years without coming close to the asking price. Luckily, there is a simple way to find the perfect rock for your loved one. If you are on a budget or don't want to break the bank, consider second-hand engagement rings.

    What of Bad Luck?

    We all know that second-hand engagement rings are probably from failed relationships and marriages. When a relationship doesn't pan out as expected, one party ends up with a painful and unwanted bling. Such parties have no option but to try and resell these engagement rings.

    Most people find it weird carrying around a symbol of someone else's failures. However, that failed relationship has nothing to do with you and your spouse. Think of it like a family heirloom that passes from generation to generation.

    Ideally, reusing an engagement ring gets you the perfect diamond at a much cheaper price. Sit down with your better half and talk about the subject. Decide whether you don't mind the misconception of bad luck that comes with second-hand engagement rings.

    Why Doesn't Everyone Buy Second-hand Engagement Rings?

    Reusing an engagement ring may not be the ideal option for superstitious people. If you are the kind of person that tracks karma points and sticks to the horoscope, it isn't the ring for you. Such people are so concerned about inheriting bad ju-ju that may affect their relationship.

    However, shop around for second-hand engagement rings if you don't believe in bad luck. There is no harm in weighing all your options before making a purchase. Who knows, snagging a pricey engagement ring for close to half the price can turn your luck around.


    You can save a lot of money by reusing an engagement ring. Gold & Diamond Source includes an extensive catalog of striking gold jewelry and classic diamond engagement rings. Ensure you visit our online store to find the perfect diamond for your loved ones.

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