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  1. Our Favorite Wedding Bands: $2,000 and Up

    The engagement ring signifies her saying yes to your proposal. Your wedding bands are all about the two of you and your commitment to each other. Wedding band styles are as diverse as engagement ring styles— there are as many gemstone, texture, metal, and style combinations as you can imagine!

    Studded with precious metals, gemstones, and diamonds, we are sharing some of our favorite men's and women's wedding bands priced $2,000 and up.


    Our Favorite Women's Wedding Bands: $2,000 and Up

    18 Karat Yellow Gold 1.47 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Yellow Diamond Size 6 Eternity Band
    14 Karat White Gold Triple Row Round Diamond Band Featuring 33 Round Diamonds
    Platinum and 18 Karat Yellow Gold Pave Oval Halo Eternity Ring Featuring 5.54 Carat Total Weight Oval Yellow Diamonds and 1.40 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds
    18 Karat Gold 9 Stone Band Featuring .875 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds
    14 Karat Yellow Gold 1.50 Carat Total Weight Prong Set 7 Princess Cut Diamond Band
    18 Karat Yellow Gold Eternity Band Featuring 11.43 Carat Total Weight Yellow Radiant Diamonds


    Our Favorite Men's Wedding Bands: $2,000 and Up

    14 Karat White Gold Diamond Channel Set Milgrain Band Featuring 1.50 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds
    Platinum 8 Millimeter Flat Comfort Fit Band
    8mm comfort-fit channel set diamond band features a strong high polished round edge that surrounds 12 beautiful round ideal-cut diamonds
    14 Karat White & Yellow Gold Princess Cut Diamond Ring
    This beautiful 8mm comfort-fit etched channel set diamond eternity band features a satin-finish and a polished horizontal center trim between rows of three round cut diamonds
    Men's Platinum 8 Millimeter Milgrain Comfort Fit Wedding Band



    Are you looking for the perfect wedding band? We invite you to visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete collection of bridal jewelry, or shop a selection online HERE.

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  2. 5 Wedding Trends to Expect in 2019

    Wedding trends are an exciting part of planning a big day— they suggest ways to add a unique twist to even the most traditional weddings. Here are five of the top wedding trends that we expect to sweep weddings of 2019.

    Regal bridal looks

    In the name of all things royal, expect a new wave of pageantry to enter bridal fashion. Brides in 2019 can expect regal capes, sleeves, and tiaras.


    Smoke bomb exit

    An upgrade to a classic sparkler exit, smoke bombs are the new way to send the newlyweds off in color. Match the smoke to your wedding colors— or opt for a rainbow pattern for an all-out color display.


    Revamped registries

    With more couples getting married later in life, less couples are in need of the basic dishes and KitchenAid Mixer. In 2019, expect to see more persoanlized registries from honeymoon funds on.


    Wedding vibes and themes

    Most brides today are looking beyond simply picking wedding colors. Today's brides are envisioning entire wedding themes— a vibe or feeling for their guests to enjoy.


    Unique venues

    Couples are straying from traditional venues and embracing out-of-the-box wedding locations. Distilleries, raches, greenhouses, and beweries are gaining popularing as unique wedding venues.



    Are you looking for the perfect engagement ring or wedding band? We invite you to visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete collection of bridal jewelry, or shop a selection online HERE.

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  3. December Birthstone Jewelry and Facts

    Those turning a year older in December celebrate with three blue gemstones: Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise. Each of these gemstones carries a unique blue tone making it a perfect birthstone for the cool winter month. Birthstone jewelry is the perfect gift to celebrate a birthday for the meaning and folklore behind the stones.

    Here is a closer look at December's three blue birthstones— plus our birthstone jewelry to match:


    A one-of-a-kind gemstone, Tanzanite is known for its exotic deep blue color with a rich overtone of purple. This popular blue gemstones comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and striking assortments of blue tones. Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967 in Tanzania, East Africa, and was added to the official birthstone list by the American Gem Trade Association in 2002. Tanzanite is also the suggested gemstone for the 24th wedding anniversary.

    This Juleve 18 karat white gold double halo pendant features a stunning 3.86 carat trillion cut tanzanite and is highlighted by .75 carat total weight round brilliant diamonds.
    This breathtaking 4.01 carat Trillion Cut Tanzanite & Diamond Ring features A 4.01 carat center gem quality Tanzanite with 0.54 carats of Round Diamonds in a Halo & Split Shank Design.
    A Rich & Stunning 4.59 Carat Total Weight Cushion Cut Tanzanite is surround by a halo Of 0.91 carat total weight Round Diamond Drop Earrings Set In 18 Karat White Gold.


    Zircon is best known as a bright blue gemstone, but it is also available in beautiful earth tones of green, dark red, yellow, brown, and orange. Popular in the Middle Ages, Zircon was said to aid in resting, bring prosperity and promote honor and wisdom in its owner. Other special properties include fighting evil and avoiding jealousy, protecting from insomnia and promoting happiness and self-satisfaction.

    These Glamorous One Of A Kind Juleve Earrings Feature Breathtaking 9.66 Carats Total Weight Of Cushion Cut Blue Zircon & 3.32 Carat Total Weight White Round & Emerald Cut Diamonds.
    This Reworked Diamond Accented Scroll Ring Improves On The Classic Split Shank Design and Features a Flawless 5.91 Carat Zava Blue Zircon and is Perfectly Accented By .58 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds Along The Split Shank Scroll Mounting.
    Juleve 18 Karat Yellow Gold Halo Drop Earrings Featuring 23.18 Carat Total Weight Blue Zircon and 1.89 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds.


    Turquoise is one of the oldest known gemstones has enjoyed worldwide popularity for centuries. A favorite of Egyptian Pharaohs and early Native Americans, this beautiful blue gemstone is believed to offer healing powers, promoting the wearer’s status and wealth, protecting from evil and bringing good luck.

    18 Karat Rose Gold 8.13 Carat Turquoise Halo Pendant Necklace Featuring .46 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds.
    Juleve 18 Karat White Gold Halo Drop Earrings Featuring 7.53 Carat Total Weight Cabochon Oval Turquoise and 1.15 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamonds.


    Visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete collection of December birthstone jewelry, or shop a selection online HERE.

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  4. Bridal Jewelry Gift Guide

    The Guide to Gifting Bridal Jewelry

    No matter how old she  is, the bride will always be a little girl to her parents. Many mothers and fathers look forward to celebrating their daughter's big day with bridal jewelry she can wear on her special day and beyond. This tradition is associated with the classic rhyme, “something old, new, borrowed, blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” This saying is very old, but the idea remains the same— to wish her good luck on her wedding day and beyond.

    The “something new” is commonly associated with a gift of wedding jewelry from the bride’s parents, often presented to her as she dresses for the wedding so that she may wear it during and after the ceremony. Today, many parents choose to purchase and present jewelry to their daughters long before the day of to allow the bride to coordinate the gems with her bridal look. Most often, parents will choose a piece of jewelry that will complement the style of their daughter's engagement ring.

    It is important that wedding jewelry given as a gift to a bride doesn't aim to outshine the engagement ring or wedding band. This jewelry should be given as a token of your love. So while it should be beautiful and precious, it is wise to keep it understated in comparison with her engagement ring and wedding band.

    At Gold and Diamond Source, we have a gorgeous selection of wedding jewelry to choose from to make your daughter's special day that much brighter.


    These Simple But Stunning Diamond Earrings Feature A Unique Design! The Earrings Feature 1.30 Carat Total Weight In Round Brilliant Diamonds That Are Set In 14 Karat White Gold. These Must-Have Earrings Are Perfect For Everyday Wear!

    Earrings are the most popular wedding jewelry gift. Whether you choose simple diamond stud earrings or something more dramatic, earrings are a gift she will wear and cherish for years to come.


    This 1.00 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Diamond Illusion Tennis Bracelet is an Affordable Showstopper. An Unbelievable Value!

    Bracelets are a beautiful bridal jewelry gift that is dazzling enough to match the occasion without outshining her other bridal jewelry. We recommend diamond bracelets and bracelets that incorporate gemstones if you would like to incorporate her birthstone, favorite color, or another gem with meaning.


    Regal and romantic, this striking 14 karat white gold pendant has a diamond studded fixed bale that meets an exquisite halo of diamonds, which really ups the sparkle factor and heightens the drama of the breathtaking ASPIRI cut stone. The center cushion cut diamond weighs 0.63 carats and is surrounded in a halo of round diamonds and a diamond bail that weighs 0.18 carts total weight.

    A necklace is the perfect finishing touch to a wedding gown. We can help you find the perfect single diamond pendant or a more dramatic necklace.


    14 Karat White Gold Split Shank Bypass Ring Featuring 1.50 Carat Total Weight Marquise and Round Brilliant Diamonds.

    A ring also makes a wonderful gift for brides. Consider incorporating her birthstone, or even creating a custom piece with family jewelry, for a ring she will wear on her big day and beyond.



    Visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete collection of bridal jewelry, or shop a selection online HERE.

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  5. How to Select a High Quality Diamond

    Whether you are considering a loose diamond as the start of an engagement ring, to upgrade an existing piece of jewelry, or for another design entirely, nothing compares to the brilliace and fire of a loose diamond. By purchasing a loose diamond apart from a setting, you are able to get the best look at the stone to really see the 4 C's up close— cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. You can view inclusions that a setting might otherwise hide or distract from, allowing you to make an informed decision about the diamond you are investing in.

    We are happy to offer our customers an extensive collection of diamond shapes including round brilliant, princess, oval, cushion, and radiant cuts. We carry diamonds graded by the most notorious gemological laboratories such as GIA, EGL, IGI and AGS.


    Explore our Diamond Search

    Get a head start on your diamond search. Explore and compare diamonds by shape, carat, color, clarity, cut, and more with this innovative diamond search tool. Find this online tool HERE.


    The Anatomy of a Diamond

    Learn about the 4 C's from the diamond experts. Our diamond education center is loaded with information from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) so you can rest assured you are making an informed diamond purchase. Learn more HERE.


    Fancy Color Diamonds

    Diamonds come in every color of the rainbow. Check out our vast selection of diamonds in yellow, blue, pink, green and purple. Fancy colored diamonds are graded based on the depth of color - Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense and Fancy Vivid. Explore fancy color diamonds HERE.


    Create Your Perfect Piece

    Are you ready to design your perfect piece? Explore our online Stud Builder, Pendant Builder, or Ring Builder to get started.


    Lifetime Diamond Trade-In Policy

    With our unique 100% diamond trade-in policy, you may trade in your diamond at any time toward another diamond(s) of equal or greater value. Your trade in value is the original purchase price, excluding tax. The lifetime trade-in policy is valid for in-store and online purchases. Items that qualify for trade in are diamond solitaire rings, diamond solitaire pendants, and diamond solitaire earrings. Learn more about this policy HERE.



    Visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete selection of loose diamonds, or learn more HERE.

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