Many people turn to gold as a form of investment. Gold has been used for thousands of years throughout the world’s history, before the jewelry store and the pawn shop even existed. Gold was a popular form of currency, and perhaps gold investment is an offshoot of that imposed value. Until recently, many countries employed the “gold standard,” where all of their government-regulated currency was measured by its relation to the value of gold.

The value of gold is driven, as most things in an economic market, by supply and demand. However, demand plays much less of a role than does supply. This is because there is a large amount of accessible gold in the world, so the supply is not as much of a dire factor.

Where to Buy & Sell Gold

Many of the top banks in any country have reserves of gold. Therefore, central banks and the International Monetary Fund play a distinct role in its value. Gold can be used effectively against financial distress for a country or an individual. As conventional investments in the national and global market become more or less attractive, the value of gold has an inverse reaction.

The jewelry store accounts for the vast majority of gold demand and supply. Recently, you may have seen many commercials advertising “we buy gold!” The jewelry store or pawn shop buys old, damaged, broken, and otherwise unused gold jewelry for a (hopefully fair) fraction of the price of gold, so that they can turn it into new jewelry and make a profit.

A reputable jewelry store or pawn shop will give the gold owner a good deal on their gold. That is what Gold & Diamond Source will do for you. If you have old, vintage, broken, or tarnished gold jewelry that you just don’t use, why not take advantage of the security of the price of gold and let us pay you for it?