When deciding to pop the question and planning a proposal, finding the perfect engagement ring is often the biggest challenge. You know you want to spend the rest of your life with her... but it's quite normal to not know her favorite engagement ring styles!

You can propose without a ring or shop for an engagement ring together, but there is nothing like a surprise proposal with the engagement ring in hand! Here we share tips to learn about out her dream engagement ring styles without her knowing!

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Her closet can reveal a lot about her personal style and preferences. Does she prefer bold, daring styles or is she more classic and conservative? Her engagement ring should coordinate with her personal style so this tip is big.

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A glimpse into her current jewelry collection can provide insight for what styles she prefers. Whether her jewelry reflects a vintage vibe or if she loves colored diamonds, knowing her current jewelry preferences can be a quick jump to finding her perfect ring! Don't forget to check for her ring size, too!

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If you are planning a surprise proposal, remember the less people you ask, the better! Ask her close family and friends if she has mentioned styles she prefers or even consider asking them to look at rings online or at a local jeweler with you.

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If she suspects a proposalat all, she might already be dropping hints about what she wants. Listen closely for any mention on engagement rings-- especially her opinion on friends' rings who are recently engaged. Check her Pinterest board and keep your eyes open on Facebook. She might have already shared her perfecr ring!

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If she has a go-to local jeweler, they might know her preferences better than anyone. They can share her favorite styles and maybe even point you to a specific ring she covets.

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