Engagement rings today can be so much more than a traditional solitaire diamond. Here are a few fun fabulous alternatives to think about when choosing an the main gemstone for your engagement ring.

Is a Sapphire Engagement Ring for Me?

Blue as the ocean and just as alluring, a sapphire engagement ring is something a little different without being entirely "New". Princess Diana chose a sapphire engagement ring surrounded by a halo of diamonds. Her son, Prince William gave this same ring to his bride Kate because it was a favorite of his mothers. Sapphires are hard enough to withstand daily wear and tear and they wear beautifully. Sapphires also come is a variety of shapes and they tend to have good clarity.

sapphire blue diamond ring 18k

Colored Diamonds? Pink & Yellow Fancy Diamonds for an Engagement Ring?

Striking out in style is easy with a Fancy Diamond engagement ring. These gemstones are as hard as clear diamonds but they also  have beautiful vivid color like no other gemstones. Yellow and pink diamonds are pricey but they are also a good investment because these rare stones keep going up in price. If the budget really isn't a primary concern, absolutely look at these amazing gemstones for your engagement ring; they are fabulous and you will fall in love.

heart shaped yellow diamond engagement ring

Alternative Engagement Ring Gemstones: Morganite and More

Morganite is an amazing sister stone to sapphire. Morganite includes tantalizing stones in pink and purple and it is a hard stone that can withstand the daily wear of an engagement ring. Morganite actually captures the term "blushing bride" like no other.  Additional interesting stones to consider include emeralds and rubies. All of these stones come in a variety of cuts and they tend to have good clarity and luster which is important for an engagement ring.

Cushion Cut Morganite and Round Brilliant Diamonds in Rose Gold> http://ss1.us/a/2pz6L7xW

emerald with diamonds ring

Come into GDS in Clearwater, Florida and let us help you find exactly the right engagement ring stone to fit you. There are so many unique and beautiful choices! Express yourself!