Happy birthday to everyone celebrating a birthday in July! Those born in July celebrate with the rare and beloved ruby birthstone. There are also other birthstones that are associated with the month of July including Onyx, Carnelian, and Moonstone.

Ruby and Diamond Criss Cross Ring

Some Interesting Facts About Rubies

Rubies are a variety of the mineral called corundum and the line between pink sapphires and rubies is based on color rather than composition. Rubies have a Trigonal structure and the chemical name is Aluminum oxide. The hardness of a ruby is a 9. Rubies can be cut into a variety of different shapes, but brilliant cut and cabochon, also known as star rubies, are two of the most prized cuts for this fabulous, rare stone.

White Gold Ruby and Diamond Necklace

Folklore of Rubies

Rubies are luscious and mysterious red gemstones. From their deep color comes the associations and symbolism associated with this gem. Rubies represent power and love. They also represent passion and energy. The Bible refers to the ruby as a symbol for beauty and wisdom. Indian folklore tells tales of royalty gifting rubies to their enemies in order to keep the peace. According to Bishop Marbodius from the eleventh century, "Ruby is the solitary and glowing eye which dragons and wyverns carry in the middle of their foreheads."

Julie Oval Ruby and Diamond Earrings

Ruby Birthstone Jewelry

Ruby birthstone jewelry is timeless and can be worn day to night. The ruby is so dynamic that it shines as a smaller stone on a stackable diamond band and as a large center stone in a statement ring. We suggest looking at ruby earrings, ruby cocktail rings, or a ruby and diamond pendant to celebrate a very special July birthday.



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