Summer is officialy here. At Gold and Diamond Source, summertimes means we are at BBQs, outdoor events, and the beach! While we love this time of year, we are quick to share a few precautions to keep your jewelry safe during this busy season.

Jewelry is more likely to come loose and get lost when swimming.

Our fingers often get slightly smaller in cool water, and impact of playing in the water makes it more likely for your engagement ring to slip off your finger or a necklace to break loose. Stay on the safe side and leave jewelry at home or in a safe place before diving in.

Swimming pools and the ocean expose jewelry to high levels of chlorine and salt.

With the hot summer heat we are usually between pools and the ocean. Both of which have harsh contents that in frequent amounts can be harmful to our precious jewelry. Pool water has chlorine which over time can disintegrate gold. If you were to put a gold ring in direct bleach, it could disintegrate within minutes of exposure. The higher the karat of the gold, the longer it takes for the exposure to cause any serious damage.

Salt water has extremely high levels of salt content which can erode the soldered joints of jewelry, risking soldered wedding sets to part, gemstones to fall from their mountings or already fragile pieces to break. In some cases pitting can occur, which is when the jewelry can develop a rough texture on the surface.

Try not to wear your precious metals in the water this season, and if you forget, give them a thorough rinse after to rid any unwanted chemicals or substances on the surface.

Keep jewelry secure when traveling.

Nothing will ruin a summer getaway like losing an earring or misplacing your engagement ring. When heading to new places, make sure to designate one safe area to hold your jewelry when you are not wearing it. This could be a small jewelry box or a jewelry bag, but make sure it's an area you will remember.



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