October, a turning point of seasons, marks the arrival of two birthstones, tourmaline and opal. Both unique gems offer an incredible array of color and diversity. Tourmaline features a rainbow of colors, and opal has limitless fire offer to indulge in. Both accentuate the beautiful colors of fall and add a glow and beauty unlike any other.


Juleve 2.95 Carat Emerald Cut Pink Tourmaline Surrounded A Halo Of Round Diamonds

Tourmaline is a powerful gem. Representing love and humanity for centuries, the history behind these incredible jewels is limitless. Legend says that the tourmaline ran along a rainbow collecting all the colors, allowing it to be any color it desires. Incredibly durable, tourmaline figurines made by ancient Chinese, and Indians as ceremonial artifacts are on display around the world. Anyone wearing tourmaline will feel the history emanating from this established and beautiful gem.

Perfect in almost any setting, tourmaline excels on necklaces and rings. There are even Russian crowns that bear tourmaline gems. Not too showy, this gem is a perfect addition to any outfit. Coming in many colors, and even having the possibility to have a multitude of colors in one gem, tourmaline is a very diverse stone that has the ability to fit any person.


Opal is another adaptable gem. It is known as the Queen of Gems because of it has every other gem color hidden in its depths. Like your fingerprint, no two opals are the same. Each one has designs differing in colors, shape, and pattern. there is an opal for every person. Ranging from bright reds and yellows to soft greens and blues or even having the rainbow in one gem, opal is easily the most diverse gem.

When placed in rings, an opal's true potential can be unlocked on the finger. You can turn and move the opal to get a wide variety of colors and visual effects. Coveted by many, the opal is a must for your autumn and winter apparel. By far the most individual gem, be sure to choose an opal that accentuates and works with you.


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