Men's rings have stepped into fashion in a big way, and cobalt men's wedding bands are no exception. Cobalt wedding bands are the perfect way for men to express their individuality and style while still enjoying a durable ring. Cobalt is extremely scratch resistant, corrosion-resistant and highly durable. Cobalt rings do not easily scratch, break or loose form. While not as durable as titanium or tungsten, it is much harder than platinum, gold or palladium, making cobalt an excellent choice for daily wear.

We've pulled together a few of the latest in mens' cobalt wedding bands. Visit us in store soon to see the full collection of cobalt wedding bands as well as other men's wedding band options— you will be surprised at all the different styles available to today's groom!

This incredible satin-finished 7.5mm comfort-fit Cobalt band features a high-polished beveled edge and center cut between three round ideal-cut black diamonds.
Men's 7MM Cobalt Hammered Wedding Band
Mens 9MM Cobalt Satin Finish Wedding Band
Mens 7.5MM Cobalt Satin Finish Wedding Band
Mens 7MM Cobalt Satin Ridge Wedding Band
Mens 10MM Cobalt Vertical Cut Beveled Wedding Band
Mens 7MM Cobalt Polish Ridge Wedding Band
Mens 8MM Cobalt Ridged Comfort Fit Wedding Band

We invite you to visit Gold and Diamond Source at our Clearwater showroom to view our complete men's wedding band collection, or shop a selection of cobalt wedding bands online HERE.

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