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Spring is finally here and with it comes a new season full of fun fashions to love. Fancy Yellow Diamonds are a GDS favorite for Spring. Glowing with radiance and perfect to pair with fresh spring colors, Fancy Yellow Diamonds make the perfect gift to give to someone else or to yourself. Beyond being beautiful, there are some interesting facts related to Yellow Diamonds that make these jewels a glowing addition to any jewelry collection.


Why is a Fancy Yellow Diamond Yellow?

Off colored diamonds or diamonds with a faint yellow tint should not be confused with a Fancy Yellow diamonds. Sometimes called Canary Diamonds, Fancy Yellow diamonds are distinctly, luminous, bright yellow. All Fancy Diamonds are graded based upon the depth and saturation of their color. A slightly yellow diamond, sometimes called a Cape, is not in the Fancy Yellow category. The distinction is based upon color and also the rarity of the stones.

Fancy Yellows range from a distinct light yellow to vivid yellow. The intensity of the stone color and the size of the stone are the two most important characteristics for valuing Fancy Yellow Diamonds. Rarity makes these beautiful stones sought after and it greatly increases the valuation of the stones. Yellow is the second most common diamond color behind brown, so it is far easier to buy a Fancy Yellow Diamond that makes a spectacular ring than it is a blue or pink diamond. While blue and pink diamonds are lovely, once the size is impressive the cost of these diamonds is prohibitive for most people.

The intensity of the color can be influenced significantly by the cut of the diamond. A good cut can greatly enhance the color and the value of the stone. Interestingly, inclusions (slight imperfections) are not nearly as important for valuations of Fancy Diamonds as color and size. This really is its own category of stone and it helps to have a knowledgeable gemologist show you these stones in person and explain them in order to train your eye.

These diamonds make amazing cocktail rings, pendant necklaces and bracelets. They lend themselves easily to pairings with other yellow diamonds and with a menagerie of other stones.


Fancy Yellow Diamond Jewelry

5.27 Carat Fancy Color Diamond Flower Ring
Juleve 18 Karat White Gold Halo Bangle Bracelet
Yellow Gold Fancy Yellow Diamond Eternity Band
1.12 Cushion Cut Fancy Yellow And .13 Carat Total Weight Round Brilliant Micro Pave White Diamond
Yellow Diamond Tennis Bracelet


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