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As you shop for an engagement ring, there are many decisions to make— from her style, to your budget, and other preferences. There are many different metals to choose from when shopping for an engagement ring, including white gold, yellow gold, platinum and others.

How Can You Tell Which Metal is Ideal?

There are a few ways to get an idea for what your fiancée may like in an engagement ring, including:

  • Look through her current jewelry collection to see what kind of metal features in most of her favorite pieces. Is there something that she likes to wear daily, or always wears on special occasions? Matching the metal of these frequently worn pieces is a safe bet and will allow the engagement ring to match nicely with them.
  • Take inspiration from her favorite celebrities or rings you’ve seen her admire on family or friends.
  • Ask a trusted person who knows her well, like her mom, sister or best friend, for advice. Make sure this person is trustworthy, or you run the risk of ruining the surprise!
  • Ask her directly. While the proposal is traditionally a surprise, more modern couples are having open and direct conversations about what they want in a proposal. if you know your future bride has discerning taste, she may welcome the chance to give some input. Many couples shop for engagement rings together to ensure that the rings they end up wearing for many years suit them.


Within the gold family, there are several types to choose from, including:

  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold
  • White gold
  • Green gold

Each of these may look different, but they hold the same advantages. Gold is a hypoallergenic metal so it will never cause a rash or irritation on your fiancée’s skin. Gold is also a valuable metal that is likely to appreciate over time. It’s traditional and classic, perfect for a woman with timeless style.

A disadvantage of gold is its pliability and the likelihood of damage. Gold is a soft material, so it is combined with other metals to make it harder. The more alternate metals mixed in, the more durable the ring will be, but it will also be worth less. The colored forms of gold may need retouching over the years to stop any fading.


Strong and durable, platinum is a rare metal that has a similar look to white gold or silver. However, its natural scarcity makes it much harder to find in nature and therefore much more expensive. Investing in a platinum band means that you’ll never have to worry about damage or fading, because the metal can stand up to any activity your fiancée takes on. You can also feel less worried about losing the precious stones in the setting, especially diamonds, because platinum is strong enough to hold them in place against any impact.

Still not exactly sure which one would best match? Explore different engagement ring styles on our website here.


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