Braided Pave Engagement Ring

The band holds a lot of real estate in your engagement ring. While some bands shine with a simple polished engagement ring band, we see all that space as an opportunity to make a statement. Below are a few of our favorite ways to excite your engagement ring band.

1. Side Details

From scrollwork to a touch of two-tone gold, side detailing can make your band the favorite part of your ting.

2. Pavé or Micropavé Set Diamonds

In French, pavé means “cobblestone.” Pavé refers to the way accent perfectly diamonds fit together, much like the stones on a cobblestone street. Pavé settings are unique that its diamonds are inset into a groove rather than raised. Micropavé band is the same as pavé, but it uses even smaller diamonds and typically has several rows of diamonds.

3. Channel Set Diamonds

Unlinke pavé diamonds that are held in place by prongs, channel set diamonds  are held in place by the pressure of the sides of the ring, This design features small diamonds inset into a groove, usually following the curve of the ring band, for a bold look.

4. A Contrasting Band

A second (or third!) wedding band with a contrasting style or tone can mix up the look of your current engagement ring band. If you are choosing a white gold or platinum engagement ring, consider a yellow gold band.

4. French Set Diamonds

The French setting features small diamonds raised with prongs around the band or in a halo around the center stone. The look creates the effect of a single, continuous line of sparkle.


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