Solitaire engagement rings showcase the dazzling beauty of a single diamond or gemstone. If you are looking for a classic, traditional engagement ring that radiates elegance and simplicity, a solitaire engagement ring might be right for you.

In a solitaire engagement ring, the diamond takes center stage, unlike a halo engagement ring or three-stone engagement ring. This engagement ring style is typically paired with a prong setting to maximize the sparkle.

Many couples are surprised to learn that a solitaire engagement ring setting can work with any diamond shape— from round to pear to heart! With a single center diamond, this ring style is a classic choice that never go out of style. Would you say yes to a solitaire diamond engagement ring?

Just a Few Solitaire Engagement Ring Settings at Gold and Diamond Source:


Heart Diamond Solitaire Ring
Asscher Diamond Solitaire Ring
Round Diamond Solitaire Ring
Radiant Diamond Solitaire Ring
Asscher Diamond Solitaire Ring


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"I am AMAZED at the service at GDS. Two years ago I had my oval stone put in a new setting at GDS, and I moved to Virginia soon after. Recently the prongs kept becoming loose, and I called the store to see what they could do to help make my stone more secure. They paid for me to ship my ring to Florida, and then had my setting re-made custom for my stone so that it was as secure as possible, then mailed it back to me. I am amazed that they basically made a custom ring for me two years after buying it! I was so happy with the final product and service that I called to tell Mais and Alexis how grateful I was. I can't imagine anywhere else being this committed to their customers!!!" — Claire P. on Yelp