14 Karat Gold Heart Diamond Solitaire Ring Featuring a .75 Carat Heart Shape Diamond

Yellow gold engagement rings are soaking up their time in the spotlight. Their rich hue provides a classic, warm glow that we can't get enough of. Yellow gold has been used to create jewelry and engagement rings for centuries and is perfect for a timeless look and for couples seeking a vintage-inspired engagement ring.

Is a yellow gold engagement ring right for you?

All About Those Karats

Confused about the difference between karats and carats? Karat denotes a metal's purity, and carat measures the weight of diamonds and gemstones. The most common yellow gold that you’ll come across is 14kt and 18kt gold.

  • 14kt gold is 14 parts gold and 10 parts alloy, making it 58.3% gold.
  • 18kt gold is 18 parts gold and 6 parts alloy, making it 75% gold, making 18kt gold purer than 14kt gold.
  • 18kt gold is an ideal gold mixture because it combines durability, purity, and beauty.
  • 24kt is considered to be pure gold, but it is typically too soft to use for jewelry.

Yellow Gold and Diamonds

A yellow gold setting will help hide the color of a faint diamond, so you can go lower on the diamond color grade scale for your center stone. This can help save you money compared to a white gold or platinum setting that might make color more obvious. If you are looking for a vintage-style engagement ring, the warm hues of a faint diamond and the rich tone of yellow gold might be perfect.

Facts About Yellow Gold

  • Yellow gold is extremely durable with a lifespan of 20-30 years.
  • Yellow gold should be polished and cleaned regularly. Because gold is a softer element, it is subject to dents and scratches no matter what karat you get.
  • 18kt gold is the most hypoallergenic option for yellow gold jewelry. 18kt gold is purer in gold content, so it will have less nickel in it than 14kt gold or 10kt gold.
  • Yellow gold is also a better hypoallergenic option than white gold, which often contains higher levels of nickel in order to give it a silver appearance.
  • Yellow gold generally looks best on those with a warm or neutral skin tone.


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