Happy birthday to all celebrating another year in the month of May! Those with May birthdays can celebrate with the gorgeous green emerald birthstone.

Popular throughout the ages, emeralds are known for their rich, vivid color and radiating beauty. This gemstone has been celebrated and used in jewelry for centuries.

Facts about May's emerald birthstone:

  • Emeralds are among the rarest of all gemstones. An emerald is even harder to find than a diamond!
  • Emeralds come in a range of color from faint, opaque green to deep green.
  • The deeper the green, the more valuable the emerald.
  • Unlike diamonds—imperfections in emeralds can improve the stone’s value. Emeralds contain internal fractures called inclusions, which create an appealing pattern that generally increases the stone’s value instead of detracting from it!
  • Emeralds are larger than diamonds. Compared carat to carat, a 1ct emerald is larger than a 1ct diamond, due to the emerald’s less dense composition.
  • Unlike diamond clarity, which must be evaluated at 10x magnification, an emerald’s clarity can be evaluated with the naked eye.
  • Emeralds are an ancient symbol of eternal youth— so much so that mummies in Ancient Egypt were often buried with an emerald around their neck, as they believe the gemstone was a symbol of eternal youth.
  • In ancient times, emeralds were believed to posses mystical power that could give the wearer the ability to foresee the future and see the truth. It was also believed that emeralds would protect the wearer against evil and even cure diseases like malaria and cholera.



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