Heart Shape Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


Diamond shape is possibly the single decision that will have the biggest impact on your engagement ring. While metal, setting, and carat size all play a role in your dream engagement ring, diamond shape is often the first thing people notice.

The shape of a diamond can drastically alter the look of the ring, the way it catches the light, and how the stone sits on your hand. With any of the popular diamond shapes on the market, the idea behind the cut is to leave as much of the top of the stone intact as possible. This allows light to filter through and reflect the natural sparkle of the stone. Each diamond shape has different facets and cuts that help to make the diamond shine.

The heart is a universal symbol of love. Beautiful in its own right, a heart shape engagement ring stands out any metal option or other style choice. We think a heart shape engagement ring is a picture-perfect way to say ‘I love you.’


Get to Know Your Diamond Cut

When you think of the cut, you probably think of the shape of the diamond. You are partially correct. While cut does refer to shape, it also refers to the proportions of how the diamond is actually cut.

Diamonds are cut into many different shapes, reflecting not only popular taste but the proportions and quality of the rough diamond. The most popular shapes include Round, Princess Cut, Cushion, Oval, Emerald, Heart Shape, and Marquise cuts. Many specialty shapes are also available.

A diamond’s overall proportions, as well as the size and placement of its many reflective surfaces or facets, also play a large part in “cut.” The consistency and balance of these can greatly affect how the stone captures light and reflects it back to the eye.


How to Buy a Heart Shape Engagement Ring

Heart-shaped diamonds are difficult to cut, so it's a good idea to know what to look for so you get a perfectly cut diamond.

Symmetry is the most important feature to look for in a heart-shaped diamond – asymmetry in heart-shaped diamonds is easy to spot. Select diamonds with Excellent symmetry to ensure a visually appealing diamond.

A proper length-to-width ratio is important in order to have an attractive diamond. The ideal length-to-width ratio is 1:00 to 1:1.2. A diamond with ratios above 1:1.2 will appear narrower, while diamonds with a length-to-width-ratio below 1:00 will appear wider.

The point of a heart-shaped diamond is the most delicate and can easily chip, so make sure to choose a setting that protects the point, especially if you plan to be active with your hands while wearing your ring.



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