Congratulations on your engagement! Now it's time to find your perfect wedding band! There are as many wedding band options as there are engagement rings— and even more when you consider the combination your wedding band will make alongside your engagement ring.

Most women choose to wear both an engagement ring and wedding band— known as a “bridal set."  Some couples opt for purchasing complete, coordinating bridal sets, while others choose to build their own sets with a wedding band of their choice.

Your wedding band can match and complement your engagement ring, or it can be a standout piece on its own. Gold & Diamond Source is proud to have the largest selection of gold and diamond wedding bands in the Tampa Bay Area.


Eternity Wedding Bands

With no shortage of sparkle, eternity bands feature diamonds or another gemstone around the entire ring— unlike a 5-stone or 7-stone wedding band that features stone just at the top. This style Shop eternity wedding bands HERE.


Chic Wedding Bands

A simple gold or platinum wedding band with or without diamonds provides a simple backdrop to allow your engagement ring to truly shine.


Something Different Wedding Bands

If traditional wedding bands don't live up to what you envision, consider something out of the box. Try on a wedding band with unexpected details that will perfectly reflect your style.


Contrasting Wedding Bands

If you love rose gold or gemstones but didn't include that in your engagement ring, a contrasting wedding band might be perfect for you. Consider a different metal or a gemstone that reflects your favorite color, birthstone, or anniversary stone.




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"I've seen their commercials for years now. Decided to make the trip from South Tampa to upgrade my wedding band. I'm so here for all the elaborate decorating let me tell you. Including a FABULOUS pair of gold shoes worn by one of the fashionable gentleman associates. Anyway.

From the second I walked in, they rolled out the red carpet, and every customer thereafter they just provided stellar customer service. And well you might be thinking, yeah lady it's a jewelry store so they have to, to which i say not so fast. Customer service at most places, including another local jewellery store in the area, is quite lacking.

I worked with Mr. Patrick Kelly, who's a G&D veteran, i learned. PK was fab, listened to exactly what i wanted and within ten minutes I was set. They sized it for me that day, and boxed my new ring up so beautifully. The quality of their products is so easily visible and they provided me with a lifetime warranty, including free cleanings and such.

COVID: extra precautions all around, excellent job!

Thanks PK and the G&D team!! Y'all work your butts off! Cheers!" — Brienna A. on Yelp