A Tale of Two Birthstones— Citrine and Topaz

As the year begins to draw to an end, we welcome fall, Thanksgiving, and all the wonder of November! With it comes two birthstones— citrine and topaz. Especially helpful for the tumultuous year that 2020 has been, both November birthstones are known for their calming energies, bringing warmth and fortune to those who wear them. Read on to learn about the meaning behind citrine and topaz, as well as some of our favorite birthstone jewelry.

All About November's Blue Topaz Birthstone

One of November's birthstones, topaz is a soothing stone that has been said to calm tempers, cure madness and eliminate nightmares. While the gemstone is found in many colors, the most prized color is Imperial topaz, which features a vibrant orange hue with pink undertones. Brazil is the largest producer of quality topaz. Shop blue topaz jewelry here.



All About November's Citrine Birthstone

Fun fact: citrine is named after the citron fruit because of its lemon-inspired shades. Citrine is November’s second birthstone, a variety of quartz that ranges from pale yellow to brownish orange in color. Citrine has been referred to as the “healing quartz” for its ability to comfort, soothe and calm. It is believed to release negative feelings, spark imagination, and even attract wealth and prosperity. The largest supplier of citrine is Brazil. Shop citrine jewelry here.

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