The short answer is no.

While you may be in love with your new engagement ring,  you may never want to take it off, but the truth is that showers can damage your ring.  Protect your token of love and devotion by removing it before you shower. There are many damaging factors to your ring associated with showering, including harsh soaps, oils, steam, and cleaners.  

Harsh Soaps

Many common soaps and body wash come with exfoliating ingredients. These are wonderful for leaving your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. But they have the opposite effect on metals. The small beads can scratch and the metal, which will increase the wear and tear over time.  Other types of soaps and conditioners may have chemicals that can cause your ring to become dull over time.

Loose and Slippery

Water naturally loosens your ring while you're in the shower. Though your ring may usually fit snugly when your ring interacts with water, it can become loose on your finger. Additionally, if it happens to slide off, it may become very slippery from the soap and accidentally fall into the drain in no time. It's better to be safe than sorry and secure your ring in a safe place before you shower.


Keep that sparkle and shine of your brand-new ring.  When you wear a ring in the shower, the steam,  soap, and oils can build up on the diamond, causing it to become clouded. While this does not immediately mean your diamond is defective, it is beginning to become damaged. 

Have no fear

If you have been wearing your ring in the shower up to this point, the damage may not be permanent. You can schedule an appointment with an experienced jeweler like Gold & Diamond Source, to restore your diamond or band. There are also cleaning kits available for purchase to clean your ring at home.