Getting an engagement ring always stands out as an amazing part of life. As you get an engagement ring, you may wonder if your significant other bought the right size for you. Even though you won't know until you wear it, you need to address engagement ring sizes. We want to see if engagement rings can be too big and what you should do if yours doesn't properly fit.

Can an Engagement Ring Be Too Big?

Since engagement rings come in multiple sizes, you could end up with one too big for your finger. Engagement ring size matters since you don't want it to slip off your finger during the day. You want an engagement ring that will remain secure, so you should address the issue immediately if you have a large ring.

How to Know When a Ring is Too Big

Depending on your ring knowledge, you may not know if your ring is too big. Luckily, you have a simple way to check if you should get a smaller size. See if your friend can remove the ring, and if he or she can, then you need a smaller engagement ring.

How to Resize an Engagement Ring

While you can resize most engagement rings, some of them are made of a material that prevents resizing. Depending on your situation, you can either contact a jeweler or use rubber ring adjusters to make it fit. Your jeweler can change the size of the ring while a rubber adjuster will give you a quick fix, so choose the option you prefer.


Since you could end up with an engagement ring too big for your finger, you should know what you can do to fix that problem. Luckily, various companies can help you with your engagement ring to make sure it fits. If you need help resizing your engagement ring, you should contact us with your questions and concerns.