Buying the perfect engagement ring can be an overwhelming process. After all, it's among the biggest purchases of your life. You must find an engagement ring that matches the love you have for your partner.

It's not enough to have a magical proposal plan; the engagement ring crowns it all. What you need is a user-friendly guide to get you started. Here is everything on how to start engagement ring shopping.

1. Understand the 4Cs

The first step in engagement ring shopping is knowing the 4Cs (Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat). This is a global diamond grading system that has become mainstream. You can access the quality of the rock by using this system. Here is a breakdown of all the elements in the 4Cs.

Color — A diamond's lack of color is graded from D-to-Z. Diamonds that have less color are rarer, thus more expensive.

Clarity — Diamonds usually include tiny white or black lines and specks. These are minute imperfections that affect the clarity of the stone. Less flawless translates to higher prices and vice-versa.

Cut — Graded from excellent to poor, cuts determine the ring's sparkle factor. The quality of the cut will dictate how the diamond unleashes its light.

Carat — The weight and size of the rock are measured in carats. However, an average engagement ring usually has a one-carat diamond.

2. Pick a Shape

There are numerous shapes to choose from in the market. You can go for oval, round, Asscher, cushion, pear, or emerald shapes. Your taste and preference will dictate the best diamond shape for you and your partner. These shapes give you choices when shopping for an engagement ring.

3. Have a Budget

You have probably heard that an engagement ring should cost at least three months' salary. This is a common myth that can mess up your finances. Look for an engagement ring that fits your budget. However, the amount of money you spend will have a huge impact on the center stone's quality.


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