Buying the perfect engagement ring for your loved one is never an easy task. Yes, technology has made it a little simpler, thanks to online shopping. However, what happens when the perfect diamond is way out of your price tag? Indeed, diamonds are forever; but is it worth jeopardizing your bank account?

Most people save up for several years without coming close to the asking price. Luckily, there is a simple way to find the perfect rock for your loved one. If you are on a budget or don't want to break the bank, consider second-hand engagement rings.

What of Bad Luck?

We all know that second-hand engagement rings are probably from failed relationships and marriages. When a relationship doesn't pan out as expected, one party ends up with a painful and unwanted bling. Such parties have no option but to try and resell these engagement rings.

Most people find it weird carrying around a symbol of someone else's failures. However, that failed relationship has nothing to do with you and your spouse. Think of it like a family heirloom that passes from generation to generation.

Ideally, reusing an engagement ring gets you the perfect diamond at a much cheaper price. Sit down with your better half and talk about the subject. Decide whether you don't mind the misconception of bad luck that comes with second-hand engagement rings.

Why Doesn't Everyone Buy Second-hand Engagement Rings?

Reusing an engagement ring may not be the ideal option for superstitious people. If you are the kind of person that tracks karma points and sticks to the horoscope, it isn't the ring for you. Such people are so concerned about inheriting bad ju-ju that may affect their relationship.

However, shop around for second-hand engagement rings if you don't believe in bad luck. There is no harm in weighing all your options before making a purchase. Who knows, snagging a pricey engagement ring for close to half the price can turn your luck around.


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