Ah, the ring of your dreams! In a perfect world, you would simply tell your beloved what you would like, and he would buy it. But we all know that life doesn't always work like that. Here are some time-tested strategies updated for our digital age:

Hint, Hint, Hint

There's nothing like a good hint, and Pinterest can be your best friend for this. Scrapbooking could work, too, but that might be a bit more labor-intensive.

Simply create a Pinterest board and leave the site open on your laptop, but not in the main tab. Sit down with him to look at something else, and then "accidentally" open the Pinterest tab. Fumble around to try to get out of it, but take enough time so that he understands the theme of the page. You must be consistent in the style you choose, or it will just confuse him. 

Talk Isn't Cheap

If you can talk him into watching a season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, you'll have a natural opening. As the prospective groom is chatting with Neil Lane and viewing the ring collection, you can make subtle comments about each ring. If the bachelor chooses too quickly, you'll still have opportunity when he presents the ring at the proposal. There will be more opportunities at this point to discuss what you do or don't like about the chosen ring.

Other opportunities will arise as friends get engaged. You can discuss your preferences ad nauseam, and he'll eagerly take it all in. You can hope.  

Those Pesky Ads

You know you are being tracked. Search out the ring of your dreams online, and then sit back and wait for the ads to pop up. As you two casually look through your phones, you can comment about how these ads are following you around. Combine annoyance about the ads with admiration for the particular ring that you'd love to see on your own finger one day -- a winning strategy!

Tell Your Sister, Mother or BFF

What's the chance that one of them won't pull him aside to share your preferences? Just be sure to share with them more details than simple styling. You need to make sure they know your preferred carat size. We know one young lady who ended up very disappointed because her mother picked up on the basic style to tell her future son-in-law, but she then assured him that her daughter wouldn't want him to spend a fortune. Wrong! 

If All Else Fails

It's possible that you are dating someone who won't pick up on any of these subtleties. And maybe he is someone who prefers straightforward communication. Go for it, and express your preferences. If you've already been ring shopping together, this shouldn't even be awkward. And he may so appreciate your honesty that it will confirm you are the perfect companion for him!

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