It is said that diamonds are a girl's best friend. Well, the truth of that statement is founded on the stature accrued to diamonds. Whether its diamond earrings or a diamond ring, one can never go wrong with diamonds. While there are other precious metals like gold and stones like emeralds, diamonds triumph over them all.

Diamonds are practically the most popular stones used on engagement rings today. There are alternatives to diamonds like moissanite, diamonds created in labs, and other gemstones, but diamonds remain the most popular in the market.

The beginning of the popularity of diamond rings

Diamonds were first discovered in India in the 18th century as components or sediments of loose rock. India dominated the world in the production of diamonds. It was not until the Renaissance period when diamond rings began being used for engagement rings. During this time, royal families had begun using diamonds to engage their partners. The rings had become popular among the wealthy and royal families. The first diamond engagement ring was given to Mary of Burgundy by her soon-to-be husband, Archduke Maximilian, in 1477.

It was only in 1870 when diamond mining began as technology developed. This improved the supply of diamonds, and their demand skyrocketed. As technology continued to evolve, so did the demand for diamonds continue to increase. Today, diamonds are more attainable to any class of people. The increase in the supply of diamonds ensured that they were available to a broader class of people, unlike previously when they were reserved for the wealthiest.

The modern diamond ring

The most significant development in diamond rings' popularity was in 1886, when Charles Tiffany used a modern diamond engagement ring. Later in the 20th century, Eleanor Roosevelt would be engaged by the same Tiffany diamond engagement ring. Over time, the Tiffany ring became popular.

Diamond rings today

Diamond engagement rings have experienced a massive shift in how they are produced and purchased. Well, Tiffany did an excellent job in popularizing a look that is still honored today. Nevertheless, current diamond rings come with different designs, colors, and stones. Additionally, diamonds can also be produced in a lab and used to make all sorts of jewelry. However, there is something about the real stones that surpasses lab-produced diamonds.

Overall, there is something about diamonds. They give a feeling of class, uniqueness, love, and so much more. Diamonds elicit emotions that other stones necessarily don't. It is no surprise that they are adored by so many people today.

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