Over the years, the price of pink diamonds has been fluctuating. At the same time, they have become trendy among high-end people, especially celebrities. Most people purchase pink diamond rings because they are high-value assets. In case you plan to buy pink diamonds, here are some details that will help you make an informed decision.

Pink Diamonds Are Rare; Hence Pricy

When a type of diamond is too rare, the pricier it is. Actually, diamond investors and collectors do not have a linear scale that determines the prices of diamonds. Despite a particular diamond's features, its price will depend on whether it is rare or not.

Major Parameters Determining the Price of Pink Diamond


A pink diamond is either created in a lab or natural. Currently, there is a low supply and high demands. Consequently, manufactures are creating pink diamonds through high pressure and several heat processes in the lab. Such a diamond is cheaper than a natural diamond.


The exact color definition of a pink diamond as per a gemological institute determines the diamond's price. If it is rare, the pricier it will be. In most cases, fancy deep pink and fancy intense pink are more expensive than faint and light pink. A deep intense pink diamond can cost $700,000 per carat, while a less intense pink diamond can go for $10,000 per cart.


It refers to the weight of the diamond. Heavy diamond is rare to find, hence more pricey. For example, 0.60 carat of pink diamond costs approximately $10,900, while 0.68 carat of a pink diamond is likely to go for $51,100.

It would be best to have a clear budget in mind when purchasing a pink diamond. Your budget will help you narrow down your search. Do not forget other factors like the color intensity and carat will determine the price. Explore our online store to purchase pink diamonds or any other jewelry. Contact us today for more information about the pink diamond rings.