Windex is a great product for cleaning windows. It leaves windows sparkling and clean. However, not so many people know that they can use this product for more than just window cleaning. Windex can actually be used to clean jewelry. That's right. You can use Windex to give your gold or silver jewelry the sparkle they once had.

You can definitely tell the difference between a window that has been cleaned with Windex and one that has not. Similarly, you can notice the difference in your jewelry after buffing with some amount of Windex.

When using Windex for your jewelry, you must ensure that it does not harm the jewelry. You can use Windex to clean your gold, silver and diamond jewelry. However, the product can cause damage to emeralds, corals, and pearls. Additionally, it can harm amber and turquoise jewelry.

In short, you can use Windex to clean your diamond ring. Over time, the ring collects dust and dirt that can dull its appearance. Fortunately, there is an easy and inexpensive way to restore the original look.

How to clean your diamond ring with Windex

  1. First, place your diamond ring in a small bowl.
  2. Second, spray the ring with a generous amount of Windex.
  3. When every part of the ring is covered in Windex, allow it to sit in the cleaner for 30 seconds.
  4. Use a baby toothbrush to scrub the ring. A baby toothbrush is most suitable because it has soft bristles that will not harm your ring. It is necessary to scrub the ring to remove the grime and dirt residue on the ring.
  5. Once you are done with scrubbing, rinse the ring in warm water. Drain out the water while you hold the ring over the bowl so that it does not drop the drain.
  6. Use a clean and soft cloth to dry the ring. Make sure you completely dry it to avoid water spots. Lay the ring on the cloth to air dry.

Diamond rings are undoubtedly expensive, and naturally, you may be worried about causing damage to it. You can always call your jeweler to seek advice on whether you can use Windex to clean the ring particularly for custom diamond rings.

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