Cobalt is one of the most valuable metals used in making wedding rings. At the same time, cobalt is very light, durable, and comfortable, making it excellent in making rings. Since the cobalt rings are sturdy and high resistant to scratching while remaining cost-friendly compared to metals like gold and platinum, now the question is, can you cut the ring?

What You Need To Know

Despite Cobalt rings being rigid and won't bend compared to other common metals used in making rings; Cobalt can effortlessly be cut using readily available cutting tools. For instance, should you find yourself in a pressing emergency, medical or not, cutting off the Cobalt shouldn't be a big problem. Emergency cutting tools can safely get rid of the ring. 

What To Do To Avoid Cutting Your Ring

Cobalt is a popular alternative to traditional ring material, being a hypoallergenic material. Most people who have the ring do not experience any hypersensitive reaction, such as those experienced with Platinum and Gold wedding bands. The ring has a sleek cut and fine finish keeping its reflective white sheen without Rhodium Plating.

You can keep the ring's integrity by having it resized to ensure it never has to be cut off from the finger in case of an emergency. The ring can be resized outwards or inwards by half or to its full size. To resize the ring, send it back to your retailer, who will send it to an expert if they do not have an in-house professional jeweler.

In Conclusion;

Your favorite Cobalt rings will serve you for an extended period, while remaining hard to scratch or deform. When you have a solid reason that demands cutting the ring, you should call an experienced jeweler who will safely and help you resize it back for use.