For centuries, diamonds have held the title of a girl's best friend. These exquisite rocks have graced runways, galas, and everyday occasions, spicing up different outfits to create a statement look.

Jewelry enthusiasts consider diamond earrings the most wearable pieces of diamond jewelry. However, most of them have little to zero knowledge about how they are measured.

Let's look at how these beauties are measured to help you choose better on your next trip to the jeweler.

Dispelling The Diamond Size Myth

A diamond earring is measured in millimeters and carats. The total carats are not the size of the diamond as popular myths purport. A carat, or ct, is equivalent to 0.20 grams.  The size of a diamond is measured in millimeters, length by width, which makes up the diamond's diameter and size. It takes about 250 tons of rock mining to produce a single carat diamond. That's why they are rare and pricey.

Common Diamond Earrings Weights and Sizes

The carat weight indicated on diamond earrings bears the weight of the pair and not just one of them. The individual carat weight of each earring is determined in millimeters.

 A 0.25-carat diamond stud, for instance, has an average diameter of 4.1mm, which is relatively thin. However, if you had a 3- carat diamond earring, the diameter will be approximately 9.3mm, which is substantially bigger.

In a 2.00 carat pair, each diamond weighs 1.00 carat, with an average diameter of 6.5mm. For a 1.50 carat pair, each earring weighs 0.75 carat with an approximate diameter of 5.88millimeters.

Consider the Occasion to Match your Diamond Earring Size and Weight

Think about the occasion you'll wear your diamond earrings to before you buy them.  For example, for a daily pair, choose stud earrings, which are typically between 0.25 and 1 carat.

1 carat diamond stud earrings are popular. This total weight includes two 0.50 carat diamonds. For a typical pair of round-cut diamond studs, each has a diameter of 5 millimeters.

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