Most people love diamond earrings because of their versatility in usage and suitability for almost every occasion. However, is it safe to sleep in your diamond earrings? The answer is no. It would be best if you took off all jewelry before bedtime, including diamond earrings. 

Why You Should Not Sleep With Diamond Earrings

Nevertheless, there is an exception to the rule, and this is when you get a new piercing. Other than that, it would be best if you took off your earrings before going to bed. Below are some of the problems you may encounter when you sleep in your diamond earrings.

It Is Uncomfortable

When it comes to sleep, comfort is vital. Sleeping in any jewelry, including earrings, denies you of the much-needed comfort during sleep. Can you imagine having to constantly turn because you feel something is pressing against your ear or side of the face? The discomfort will affect your sleep, so the best thing to do is remove your earring before sleeping.

Damaged Ear or Earrings

As you sleep, your earring is likely to get caught on your hair or bedding. Thus, as you move in bed, there are high chances that you will damage your earlobe and earring. 

Diamond earrings are damaged when the earring settings become loose or when the earring bends. In case your diamond earrings have styles such as hoops or dangles, the damage can be worse. 

Waking Up with a Headache

There is a great risk of waking up with a headache when you sleep in your diamond earrings. This risk is significantly higher when you sleep on your side. This is because your earring will be pressing against your head's side when you are sleeping. 

If you have a new piercing and have to sleep with earrings, you can sleep on your back instead of your side.


Like any other jewelry, sleeping with diamond earrings is not recommended. The only time you can sleep in your earrings is when you have a fresh ear-piercing. Once your piercing is healed, you no longer need to sleep in your earrings.

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