Most people think of sparkling colorless stones when they picture diamonds. However, diamonds are actually available in a dazzling array of colors. Colored diamonds range from pale yellow throughout the rainbow. Black, gray, and opalescent white diamonds are also considered colored diamonds. Exquisitely colored diamonds are also known as 'fancy' diamonds. These fancy diamonds are highly prized, especially when they have a saturated color. 

Colorful Diamonds

Even colorless diamonds will often show a hint of yellow, so it's not surprising that yellow or brown are the most common colors found among fancy diamonds. Fancy yellow diamonds may be abundant compared to other colored diamonds, but they still comprise a small fraction of the overall number of diamonds produced.

The next most common fancy diamonds show a color that looks pale or muted because it lacks saturation. The rarest of all fancy diamonds are those that have a medium to dark tone in a desirable color.

The Rarest Diamond Color

A fancy diamond's desirability generally increases with the purity and strength of its color. The exception is darker yellow or brown diamonds which aren't valued as highly as other diamonds with saturated colors.

The most desirable colors that are generally available are blue, green, and light pink. Rich, deep red, pink, purple, and orange diamonds are extremely rare. The rarest and most highly valued fancy diamonds have fully saturated colors. Saturation is so important that even slight differences in the depth of color can have a huge impact on desirability and price.

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