Most colored or fancy diamonds are created naturally when chemical impurities in the surrounding soil or rocks are incorporated within the diamond as it forms. Since fancy diamonds are found in places as diverse as Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, and South Africa, the unique soil and rock makeup in these places may account for most of these colorful diamonds.

A Diamond's Chemical Composition Can Affect Its Color

As little as .10% nitrogen can create a canary yellow diamond. Orange diamonds also get their color from nitrogen, but in this case, the atoms must be aligned in a very specific way in order to create this stunning color. So far, these incredibly rare diamonds have only been found in Australia and Africa.

Boron impurities yield stunning blue diamonds. A grayish-blue or grayish-violet diamond also includes hydrogen, while a greenish-blue color indicates radiation exposure. In fact, radiation is responsible for creating extremely rare green diamonds. That's why gemologists always question the origins of these rare diamonds. It's a little too easy to apply radiation to a colorless diamond in order to create the much sought-after green hue.

Naturally red and pink diamonds are among the rarest and most highly prized of all fancy diamonds. It's not yet clear how they get their stunning color, but some gemologists suspect a defect in the stone's atomic structure is responsible. Whatever the cause, it must be fairly uncommon. Only a handful of vibrant red diamonds have ever been found. Fortunately, pink diamonds are somewhat more common.

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