Semi mount diamond rings are the perfect way to show off your engagement ring. This style of diamond ring is different from other popular ring styles. Semi mounts have a bezel that holds the stone in place, but they do not have the metal band all around it to protect your precious gemstone. What this means is that you can wear your engagement ring as an everyday piece of jewelry. It will still look great without losing its charm and appeal.

Semi mount diamond rings are available in various shapes, sizes and styles. You can purchase them as part of a setting that includes an engagement ring or separately to match your personal style.

Semi Mount Diamond Ring Styles

There are different styles of semi mount diamond engagement rings to fit your own personal taste:

Solitaire Semi Mount 

The stone is held by a metal band that goes all around the ring to protect it. This style has become more popular recently with couples opting for an old-fashioned, traditional look.

Semi Mount Bridal Sets

These rings are made up of two bands, one that goes around the diamond and another that wraps around it. The second band is a wedding ring or an engagement ring to match your partner's style - this is often called a "band within the band."

Double Halo Semi Mount

This mount has several thin metal circles with diamonds set in them. It is an alluring design that offers a romantic, vintage look.

Accented Rings

Not all rings have a stone sitting right in the center of them. This style is for people who want to add some extra sparkle by adding other smaller gemstones or diamonds around their larger center diamond.

How Much Do Semi Mount Diamond Engagement Rings Cost?

Semi mount rings are available for purchase at most jewelry stores. The cost of semi mounts can vary, depending on the style and size of the diamond you choose. In general, a simple band with a small diamond will be $500 or less, while more elaborate styles such as halo engagement ring sets can go up into the thousands. But no matter the cost, the stylish and classic design of a semi mount engagement ring is perfect for anyone who wants to get their significant other something they will cherish forever.

Problems with Semi Mount Diamond Engagement Rings

Semi mount rings are not as well-known among couples, so they may be harder to find. You might need to try on a few styles before you find one your significant other loves. The semi mount ring is often for the more fashion conscious bride who wants to add some extra sparkle by adding other smaller gemstones or diamonds around it, which does raise the cost.

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