It can be terrifying when you realize your diamond ring is nowhere to be found. With some patience, you can find your diamond ring. The general rule when you want to find lost things is to slow down, retrace your steps, and think of the last time you had the item. That could be an excellent starting point. However, if that doesn't work, here are some insights we believe will help.

The Best Ways To Find A Diamond Ring

Use A Fluorescence Light

Nothing helps you find your diamonds more quickly than fluorescence. The fluorescence gives a luminescence color when you place it under ultraviolet light. It can be invisible, which is why you need to use black light in a dark room to make the effect stand out. For instance, if your diamond has blue fluorescence, it exhibits a blue glow under black light. It will be easier to locate it from its surroundings.

Use Your Hands And Feet

Diamonds are one of the hardest stones. You can, therefore, feel them with your hands and feet. If you have an idea where your diamond might be, you can use your bare hands and feet to feel around. The trick is helpful when you have a thick carpet because your diamond could be nestled in the fibers. 

Start Searching Where You Thought You Lost It

If you have an idea where you lost your diamond ring, start your search from there. Diamonds don't bounce but they can transfer to a nearby area because of their uneven shape. Focus your search on nearby areas where it could have rolled.

Use Grease

Diamonds are grease magnets which make them hard to clean. However, grease can be an advantage when you have lost your precious jewelry. If you lost it in the sink, it could not have gone far. Look for your diamond ring around the drain. It could just be hanging out of sight. You can also apply grease on a piece of cloth and wipe it around the area you think your diamond ring is. 

Check Your Purse

One place you should always look when you lose your diamond is your purse. Diamonds are small and can hide in the folds of your purse. Start with hidden crevices and proceed to the bigger areas. Pull every item onto a flat table and check the crevices.

If you have tried your best to find your diamond ring without any luck, you can buy another one. Contact us and we will help you get the perfect fit.