Rubies are beautiful, durable gems, but even the hardest stones can get dirty sometimes. Here are some tips on how to keep your stunning ruby jewelry looking its best.

How To Clean A Ruby Ring With Soap and Water

Rubies can stand up to almost anything, so the basic methods will work well here. To clean minor dust, dirt, and grime, follow these steps:

  1. Put your ruby jewelry in a bowl of warm water and mix in a small amount of dishwashing liquid or soap.
  2. Let the jewelry sit for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Remove and rub carefully with a cloth. A soft-bristled toothbrush is also a good option.

A soft toothbrush is also ideal for cleaning the settings and body of your jewelry, to make sure that the entire piece continues to shine its best.

How To Clean A Ruby Ring With Ultrasonic and Steam Cleaning

Thanks to their durability, rubies can withstand tougher cleaning methods than a simple soap bath. A small ultrasonic cleaner can help remove debris lodged in the cracks between the gem and setting or within the jewelry. Be careful, though: ultrasonic cleaning can loosen some types of settings, so check your gems carefully after using this method to make sure they haven't loosened.

Steam cleaning can also clean those harder-to-reach areas, but be sure your jewelry doesn't have any other gems that are susceptible to heat and shouldn't be steam cleaned, such as opal and turquoise. Using both steam and ultrasonic cleaners is easy:

  1. Pour clean, clear tap water into the tank of the cleaner.
  2. Add your jewelry to the cleaning basket.
  3. Close the lid of the cleaner and run for 1 to 5 minutes (your cleaner will likely have instructions that include recommended times).
  4. Remove the jewelry and allow it to air-dry for a few minutes.

Before using ultrasonic or steam cleaning, make sure your ruby isn't fracture-filled or covered in a color-enhancing coating. Both of these methods of enhancing and repairing rubies are less durable than plain rubies and can be damaged by ultrasonic or steam cleaning methods. For rubies altered with these methods, stick to the soap and water method mentioned above.

Keep Your Ruby Ring Clean By Avoiding Damage And Dirt

Despite their durability, rubies can still break or chip if hit with enough force. To keep your ruby damage-free, remove your jewelry before engaging in household tasks or vigorous activity. When storing your ruby, keep it in a soft or plastic bag or wrapped in a separate cloth, away from other gems. Rubies can't be scratched by many other stones (one that can is diamonds), but your rubies can easily scratch most other gems.

The hardness of a ruby can cause foreign debris to accumulate on its surface. To keep your ruby shining longer, try to keep it away from lotions, perfumes, and chemicals that could cloud the surface.

Use Professional Cleaners To Clean Your Ruby Ring

Rubies are tough gems, but damage and dirt will inevitably happen. Sometimes, the best decision may be to take your ruby jewelry to a professional cleaner. At Gold & Diamond Source, we have a full in-house repair department that can help with damages that a simple soak won't fix. If your ruby jewelry gets damaged, contact us to learn more.