Diamonds have become the standard expression of love. Consequently, the diamond's size and shape is the first thing many people spot on an engagement or wedding ring. Wouldn't it be lovely if the diamond was heart-shaped, or would it come off as tacky? 

The History of Heart Shaped Diamonds

Heart-shaped diamonds have been around for centuries. They are traditionally used to symbolize love and commitment. The first notable heart-shaped diamond was gifted to Queen Elizabeth in 1562. This style may persist for as long as love persists, making it truly timeless. 

Are Heart Shaped Diamonds Trendy?

Heart-shaped diamonds are rare, and some argue that they are unpopular (and tacky). According to Town and Country Magazine, this style accounts for less than 1% of total diamond annual sales. 

However, heart-shaped diamonds are making a comeback (vintage style is making a comeback as a whole). Several celebrities have been spotted wearing this style, including Blake Lively and pop start Lady Gaga. Consequently, more people are adopting the style as both a symbolic and fashion statement. As such, wearing one now may make you look more stylish than tacky (especially if you make it perfect).  

Perfect Heart Shaped Diamonds

Heart-shaped diamonds take a lot of skill to cut. However, ensure that the shape is perfect. Additionally, consider the following additional factors to make your diamond even more appealing: 

  • Colored gems that dazzle and inspire lovely thoughts. 
  • A simple, timeless setting that will still look appealing decades later. 
  • A rose gold ring because of its warm and lovely tone. 

You can also go with round-shaped diamonds and position them in a heart-shaped pattern. However, don't try to overdo it – a simple design will still be appealing years to come. 

Should You Purchase A Heart Shaped Diamond?

Whether or not heart-shaped diamonds are tacky depends on the individual's personality and tastes. Their symbolism is timeless, and they are coming back in style. Remember: make your heart-shaped diamond beautiful and you don't have to worry about it being tacky. 

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