If you are an avid diamond shopper, you have probably come across the term 'hearts and arrows.' Hearts and arrows is a term created by diamond merchants and gemologists from Japan. Over time, this diamond term has become popular all over the world. So, what exactly does a heart and arrow diamond mean? Keep reading to find out.

Heart and Arrow Diamond Cut Explained

Abbreviated as the H&A diamond, the heart and arrow diamond cut is a precision-cut diamond. This diamond design gets its name from the exact symmetry and angles, which give it the hearts-and-arrows pattern when viewed using a special tool. However, you can still see the arrows even without the special tool.

While the arrows can be seen from the diamond's top, the hearts are visible when the diamond lies face down. However, once the diamond is set in jewelry, it becomes difficult to spot the pattern. Thus, for you to capture this pattern, you have to view the diamond spot-on. 

What Makes the Heart and Arrow Diamond Cut Special?

What makes the heart and arrow diamonds special is the precision and high level of craftsmanship involved when cutting them. Additionally, diamonds used to make hearts and arrows cut are rough compared to other diamonds. 

Thus, they take more time to cut and shape compared to other shapes. This high level of precision and craftsmanship can only be achievable when done by an expert diamond cutter.

The other reasons why hearts and arrows diamond cuts are special include:

Optimal Symmetry

Hearts and arrow diamonds have the best symmetry because they have three-dimensional alignment. This type of symmetry also gives the diamond maximum light reflection.

Tremendous Brilliance

The three-dimensional alignment forms a series of tiny mirrors that reflect and refract light back to the eyes, giving enormous diamond brilliance. If you think of a diamond gift for that special person in your life, think hearts and arrows diamond cut. You can never go wrong with this diamond cut.

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