When it comes to the Marquise Diamond, one of the most common questions asked by our customers is “What Shape Is A Marquise Diamond?” This might sounds like a dumb question but it isn’t as easy to explain as other shapes such as oval or round diamonds. That is why in the blog we will talk about the marquise diamond’s shape and other unique features.

The Marquise Diamond Shape

Marquise diamond has a 'Navette' shape. It looks like a boat-narrower at both ends and fuller at the middle. The unique shape makes it a perfect fitting for long and slender fingers.

Although not famous, like round, pear, oval, and princess shapes, it boasts 58 facets, and its ideal cutting ratio is 2:1. Let's take a closer look at the factors to consider before buying a marquise diamond.

Factors to Consider When Buying Marquise Diamond

Before purchasing, here are considerations to put in mind:

Marquise Diamond Clarity

Avoid choosing a marquise with a visible enclosure at the center. Inclusions at both ends can be covered by the settings and again protect the ends from breaking. Middle inclusions create a bowtie effect on the diamond.

Marquise Diamond Symmetry

Ensure that both ends align. An asymmetrical marquise is very easy to spot, like in any other diamond shape.

Marquise Diamond Color

This is one of the most important factors to consider before buying any diamond. For a marquise diamond, it tends to show more color at the ends because of less depth. Consider purchasing a one-stone color grade with marquise shapes.

Should You Purchase Marquise Diamonds?

Now let's see the pros and cons of marquise diamonds before buying for your engagement.


  • Its shape gives you more diamonds for your money.
  • Its shape makes it look a bit longer, though the carat is the same as other shapes.
  • It has a unique elongating feature
  • Marquise diamond is affordable compared to other shapes and considering its magnificent features.
  • It's flexible and can be set vertically, horizontally, or as an accent side stone.


  • The pointed ends of a marquise diamond can chip.
  • Finding one that is well cut without showing the bowtie pattern is a challenge.
  • It can be tricky to get the best on a tight budget, especially if you have big fingers.


Marquise diamond is one of the unique shapes you can cut from diamond. Ranging from its colors, symmetry, and clarity, you can never be wrong, especially if you have tiny fingers and want them to appear elongated.

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