Marquise cut diamonds originated in 18th century France and were very popular in royal circles. They were in vogue in the '60s, and 70's especially engagement rings. This popularity faded because they became associated too strongly with the old guard. Though the marquise cut diamonds went out of style some few decades ago, they are slowly growing in popularity again.

What Is A Marquise Cut Diamond?

The marquise cut diamond is a modified brilliant diamond. This makes it appear larger than it actually is. It also makes the wearer's hands and fingers look longer and slimmer. These unique qualities make it an ideal choice for a ring stone.

A marquise is an eye-catching and striking diamond that is great for double band rings. Unlike common round and cushion types of diamonds, marquise cut diamonds are unique in shape and attract people's attention. Marquise-shaped diamonds have a lot of face-up area and offer significant savings compared to round diamonds of equal carats.

When Were Marquise Cut Diamonds Popular?

Created in 18th century France, this cut grew in popularity among royalty. This popularity peaked in the 60s and 70s for its symbolism of commitment as it was used in bridal jewelry.

Why Did The Marquise Cut Go Out Of style?

Since they were mostly associated with jewelry used in engagements and were handed down from mothers to their daughters, they gained the moniker 'my mother's diamond.' The young generation who wanted to look hip was not too eager to be seen wearing it.

Are Marquise Cut Diamonds In Style?

Like other vintage fashion products, marquise cut diamonds are slowly regaining their popularity. They have regained their privileged position as the preferred engagement rings. It is because these timeless stones are elegant and classy.

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