Yellow apatite is one of the gemstones that almost anyone can afford. Despite this, most people still have no idea about this beautiful gemstone. It has contributed to apatite not being a mainstream gemstone even though it is a favorite among gemstone collectors and remains their well-kept secret. So, is gem-quality yellow apatite rare? Yes, gem-quality yellow apatite is rare. Keep reading to find out why.

What Is Apatite?

Apatite is a gem that comes in various colors, including; blue, gray, green, brown, purple, pink, violet, white, teal, and yellow. Apatite can turn into other minerals when the calcium component is replaced by fluorine, chlorine, strontium, or hydroxyl. Apatite is the most popular source of phosphorus. Hence, being a significant ingredient in products like acids, fertilizers, and other chemicals.

Gem quality apatite is found in countries like Mexico, Myanmar, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Mozambique, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, and the United States.

Why The Name Apatite?

The name 'apatite' is derived from the Greek word 'apatao,' which translates to 'to deceive.' Apatite got this name due to its historical confusion with other gemstones. The term 'apatite' is also linked to the Greek goddess of deceit, trickery, and fraud, known as Apate.

Interestingly, the name 'apatite' also sounds almost exactly like the word' appetite.' Apatite crystals have the same components found in the bones and teeth of vertebrate animals.

Why Is Yellow Apatite Rare?

Even though apatite is abundantly found in many countries, gem-quality apatite is not easily found. This exceptional and valued apatite often suffers sporadic production. It why gem-quality yellow apatite is rare. Yellow apatite is found in Spain and Mexico.

Also known as gold apatite, yellow apatite has numerous healing qualities. It is believed to help eliminate stagnant or dense energy. It is helpful for those seeking to eliminate feelings of victimhood. Generally, yellow apatite is the best crystal to use for karmic work or past-life recall.

Thus, general apatite minerals can be easily found, but gem-quality apatite is rare. General apatite minerals are even found in our bodies as vital minerals essential for strong teeth and bones.

Since it makes up a large portion of bones and teeth, apatite is a mineral that has multiple uses. You can contact us to learn more about the various gemstones.

Where To Buy Yellow Apatite Jewelry?

Now that you know about yellow apatite jewelry, you may want to consider buying some yellow apatite jewelry. But where can you purchase some? 


Because gem quality yellow apatite is rare, you will need to visit a jeweler that can source a quality gem for your jewelry such as Gold and Source Diamonds. Our jewelers will be able to get the perfect yellow apatite gem for your jewelry and help you create the piece of your dreams. Get in touch today for more information.