The only thing better than a beautiful diamond is a BIG beautiful diamond! The diamond specialists at Gold & Diamond Source know you want the best bang for your diamond buck. So today, we're discussing the shapes (cuts) of diamonds that look the biggest.

Spoiler alert: it's the oval cut.

We'll also cover a few ways to make a smaller diamond look larger and ways to stretch your budget to buy an impressive stone.

Carat Weight Counts

Diamonds are measured by weight, in carats (ct).

Bigger diamonds are rarer. So diamond prices increase exponentially with carat weight. A .5 ct diamond does not cost half of a 1-ct diamond of the same quality. 

Now, let's talk about the diamond cuts that look large.

Oval-Cut Diamonds Often Look Larger

Round brilliant-cut diamonds (they look like a circle when viewed from above) have 58 facets and the most sparkle when cut well. But oval cuts look larger on the finger. That's because the top facet has a larger "footprint." It takes up more space. Oval cuts also have 57 or 58 facets, so the sparkle factor is pretty great, too. 

You could put a .66 ct oval and a one ct round brilliant cut next to each other, and the average consumer would guess they weigh about the same!

Take Advantage of the 1 Ct Mark

Now, if you want to make a visual impact with your oval stone, buy one that's just a few points shy of the one-carat mark. Remember, the price jumps considerably at one carat (and jewelers have a few points of leeway and can price a .99 ct stone as a full carat.) But a .90 ct oval will look like a very expensive stone, more like a 1.5 ct round. 

  • Then, step it up with a high-profile setting that raises the diamond up from the ring.
  • Or add a halo of diamonds for even more sparkle.

Add all these tricks together to achieve a $15,000 diamond look but only spend a fraction of that money. 

Our Mission

At GDS, we know the hot trend in engagement rings is all about the big rocks. Contact us to learn how to stretch that diamond budget. We'll help you surprise her with the BIG, beautiful diamond she's dreaming about.