Baguette diamonds are rectangular stones that make beautiful accent stones. While they're not a great choice for a solitaire (we'll explain that in a moment), they can be gorgeous in slender, stackable diamond rings and wedding bands. They can be an excellent addition to a diamond pendant, and they're perfect for highlighting colored gemstones, too.

What Makes Baguette Diamonds Different?

Baguette diamonds are named after baguette loaves of bread, which originated in France. Their shape is like a long rectangle, and the standard length to width ratio is 5:1. Baguette diamonds have only 14 facets (that's 44 fewer than a round brilliant-cut), so they're not as sparkly as other diamonds. 

What to Look for in Baguette Diamonds

You'll usually experience baguettes diamonds as accent stones highlighting an outstanding central diamond or a high-quality colored gem. Like all diamonds, they are subject to the "Four Cs" of diamond grading, set forth by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). 

The "Four Cs" are:

  • Clarity
  • Carat weight (size)
  • Color
  • And cut

Since baguettes are usually small and often used to highlight a bigger rock, some people don't pay much attention to their quality. And it can be nearly impossible to differentiate between some subtle color or clarity differences with the naked eye. But these details do matter! 

Details that Matter When Buying Baguettes

When considering a setting that includes some baguettes, you should insist on:

  • Well-matched stones that all appear to be the same color and clarity
  • No visible inclusions (imperfections that will look like black or white specks or streaks)
  • Straight, clearly defined facets — this is important because baguettes tend to chip more quickly than other diamond cuts
  • Sturdy settings that will protect the delicate edges of the diamonds

And as always, pick the jewelry that seems to speak to you. Look at the whole picture! A slightly yellow baguette will look warm in a yellow gold setting and compliment a fancy colored diamond beautifully.

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