A cushion cut diamond is a diamond cut combining a square/rectangular shape and rounded corners. This particular cutting is what gives it a cushion-like appearance, hence its name. 

Cushion cut diamond combines a modern round brilliant cut and an old mine cut diamond. This vintage diamond cut is popular in engagement rings as it epitomizes charm and romance.

History of the Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion cut diamonds have existed for over 200 years. During the first century of its discovery, the cushion cut diamond was the most popular diamond cut. This diamond cut was inspired by the old mine cut, popular in Brazil in the 1700s. 

Stonecutters developed cushion-cut diamonds from the old mine cut and inspiration from other diamond cuts like the table, candlelight, and Peruzzi cuts. 

Even though this famous diamond cut almost became obsolete, it soon reemerged to claim its rightful position. It now ranks third in popularity after the princess and round cut diamonds.

Pros and Cons of Cushion Cut Diamond

The following are some of the pros and cons of the cushion cut diamond.


  • It offers a variety of facets and shapes.
  • A high level of fire and brilliance make it reflect both colored and white light well.
  • Rounded corners make it highly durable.
  • It offers a large selection of stones because it is a popular cut.
  • Less expensive than a brilliant round diamond.
  • Enhances the color of the stone, making it ideal for colored gemstones and diamonds.


  • It easily shows flaws because of its broad faceting structure.
  • Since cushion cut diamond is a deep-set cut, it may appear smaller than other cuts of similar weight.
  • It retains color better and thus easily shows a yellow tint at a greater level on the grading scale.

And there you have what you need to know about the cushion cut diamond. As stated above, the cushion cut diamond is a diamond shape that is not going to get obsolete anytime soon as the cut is now a classic cut and one of the famous diamond cuts.

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