Explaining Fashion Jewelry

If I asked you to think of a diamond ring, it wouldn't be surprising if you imagined an engagement ring or a wedding band. These types of diamond rings are some of the most popular and well known styles of rings. Wedding and engagement rings serve a purpose, and are considered functional jewelry. But that doesn't mean they cannot be considered fashion diamond rings as well. 

Fashion jewelry can either be functional, or solely worn for the purpose of fashion. In most cases, wedding rings are created with fashion and style in mind. Timeless shapes and colors of diamond rings are created so that the owner feels confident wearing them every day, no matter what else he/she may be wearing. There are other diamond rings, however, that are mainly used for styling, and do not have a function. 

Some examples of other fashion jewelry include necklaces, earrings, brooches, watches and gold chains. You can use fashion jewelry to elevate any style you want, and it's a bonus if that jewelry also serves a purpose or has sentimental value. 

Popular Fashion Diamond Rings

Whether your diamond rings are solely worn because they make you feel happy and look good, or if they are hand selected by you and your partner to keep forever as a symbol of your relationship, it is likely you will want your rings to represent your style and personality. Fashion diamond rings can add extra sparkle to your daily look. Wedding experts and media brands both have informed conclusions about what is trendy, classic, and timeless in the jewelry world. Here are some of the most popular styles of fashion diamond rings to consider adding to your collection:

  • Simple Solitary Diamonds (a classic beauty, ageless and understated)
  • Stackable Bands (perfect for both fashion rings and wedding rings)
  • Pave Diamonds (smaller diamonds set closely together to create a line/row)
  • Mixing Stones and Diamonds (birthstones, pearls, and gems are a fun way to accent your diamond rings)
  • Twisted Bands and Shapes (set your diamonds inside a heart-shaped band or other fun forms)

Choosing the Right Ring

Gold and Diamond Source has a versatile array of elegant jewelry, including fashion diamond rings. Contact us if you would like help finding the perfect statement piece. We are America's leading online jewelry store, and we would love to know what's missing from your jewelry box.