Every woman deserves a magnificent pair of diamond studs! The perfect diamond earrings are a jewelry staple. She'll wear them all the time. And they make a great gift because you don't need to know her ring size or bracelet size to impress her with diamonds.

But you need to know a little about her to pick the diamond studs that are just right.

Today, the diamond masters at Gold & Diamond Source are here to help you choose the perfect stud earrings. Size matters, so let's start there.

Diamond Studs by Size & Quality

First, know that carat weight is a major consideration when choosing her diamond studs. A "1-carat" pair of earrings will consist of two .50 carat diamonds that match closely in cut, clarity and color. One whole carat of excellent diamonds is a good starting point for most women. They won't be too big to be worn comfortably, and they're generally more affordable than a one-carat solitaire set in a ring.

Children and young ladies should wear very tiny diamond studs, aim for .20 to .25 total carat weight.

But everyone has different tastes, so check out the studs she usually wears. If she has multiple ear piercings, she might like smaller stones higher in the ear or tiny round brilliant cut diamonds in her cartilage piercings very high on the ear.

What Size Diamond is Too Big for Studs?

It's all about personal opinion. Two-carat studs — that's a whole carat in each ear — might be a little flashy for some. Nice, well-cut, matching stones will also be expensive. So if you're looking for "daily drivers" that she can wear every day, keep it to one carat or less.

But if she's a diamond aficionado, like this author, she might have quite a collection of studs already. And if that's the case, only a big pair of studs will do! In that case, go for high-end, near-flawless or eye clean Asscher cut stones to make an impression.

Other Considerations When Choosing Diamond Stud Earrings

Think about the jewelry metal, too.

  • Does she wear yellow, rose or white gold?
  • If she wears silver, white gold will mix into her jewelry wardrobe easily.

14k gold, whether white, yellow or rose, is a good choice for just about anyone. If she has allergies, or if "mystery metal" costume jewelry turns her fingers green, stick to 14k or 18k gold. Less-pure gold, like 10k, might irritate her ears. 

Try our diamond stud builder tool online, or contact us to learn more about the perfect stud earrings for your loved one. We're here to help.