Asscher cut diamonds have been a jewelry staple for years, and they're one of the few diamond cuts that have differentiated themselves from the rest of the dime-a-dozen options. Diamond cuts can easily reveal the stone's blemishes, but hardly can you see imperfections in Asscher cut diamonds; perhaps the reason many ladies and gentlemen consider them for their special occasions: anniversaries, weddings, or engagements.

Nonetheless, only a handful of people know what Asscher cut diamonds are, let alone their history. Below, we've explained why they're so special and how to choose the right Asscher cut diamonds.

What Are Asscher Cut Diamonds?

You can recognize an Asscher cut diamond from a few distinct features. It has an octagonal shape with clip-corners and layered facets. You might think that it's an emerald-cut diamond, which typically has clean, straight step-cut facets. However, Asscher cut diamonds stand alone with their square shape. Their layered facets enhance the diamond's clarity, allowing people to tap into the hidden qualities in these top-tier diamonds.

Features of An Asscher Cut Diamond

The high clarity of Asscher cut diamonds is usually so striking that you'd want to purchase it on an impulse. However, you need the knack for identifying where the cut's quality thresholds are to make the proper selection. 


 An Asscher cut diamond has a flat table, enhancing clarity and providing an unobstructed view inside the stone. The layered facets create an optical illusion that there are inclusions in the stone. Granted, it's recommended that you go for a stone with a clarity grading of VS2. While you might consider a lower grade for other cuts, such as VS1, the best step cuts require a higher grading, as in Asscher cuts.


With limited facets, color imperfections in Asscher cut diamonds can hardly be veiled. Still, the color you choose depends on your preference. But it would be best to select anything above G in the color scale, especially if you're buying 1.5 or 2.0 carats. Many diamond professionals suggest that you choose an "I color". Not only does the color stand out, but you can also afford it without breaking the bank.

We all love diamonds, but making informed decisions when purchasing them is not natural to everyone;  Whether you're looking for Asscher cut diamond rings or earrings, contact Gold and Diamond today!