Choosing a diamond engagement ring setting is exceptionally critical, but it can be overwhelming with many options; halo, solitaire, classic and vintage settings. Besides, it is the first step you take as it determines the type of diamond mounting you will require for your preferred engagement ring.

With that, here are key factors to consider when choosing a diamond ring setting for your stone.

Diamond Color

The color of the diamond plays a critical role in determining how the center stone will appear. Although it is right to have contrast, it is essential to consider the right colors to make the white color in the diamond project. Suppose the gem is colorless, choosing a white diamond setting is ideal. Going for a yellow or blue diamond would make the stone appear tinted, since the yellow or blue color stands out more than the white in the diamond.

Setting Size

Typically, diamond ring settings determine the apparent size of the center stone when it comes to appearance. This means that the type of diamond ring setting you choose affects how big or small the center stone will look. For instance, having a setting covering a significant part of the center stone will make it look smaller, while letting the stone protrude makes it appear larger.

Diamond Shape

An appealing diamond engagement ring often focuses on the center stone, with the setting enhancing its appeal. Thus, choosing a set shape that complements the gem will underscore the shape, making the ring look stunning. Setting it up with round and curved shapes makes the ring appear beautiful and unique if you have a round diamond. Suppose you have a square stone, consider a diamond ring set with a more angular design to complement the stone.

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