Diamond accents can accentuate the visual appeal of any piece of jewelry. They add to the style and make the piece look more personalized and stylish. Choosing the right diamond accent can mean the difference between a basic ring and a piece of art. So, what exactly are they?

What Are Diamond Accents?

Diamond accents are tiny diamonds that are placed strategically around a larger diamond in rings and other jewelry. The type of diamond accent you choose to go for generally depends on personal preference, but if you want a truly beautiful ring, you'll also need to consider its color, size, and quality.

Types of Diamond Accents

The most common types of diamond accents include the Trillion cut, Baguette, and Small Round diamonds.

Trillion Cut Diamonds

Trillion-cut diamonds have a distinct triangular shape. This makes them look more like a divergence from the more common square, round and rectangular diamonds. The triangular shape makes them perfect complementary pieces since they bring attention to the center stone without drawing much attention to themselves. They also follow the natural curves of the ring pretty easily. 

If you're looking to purchase jewelry with a Three Stone setting, Trillion-cut diamond accents are the perfect choice to go for. They also pair well with other diamond shapes like Radiant cut and Princess.

Baguette Diamonds

Baguette diamonds have a very appealing symmetry, coupled with large table size. They are mostly arranged next to each other to create a row of diamonds. They come in two types; tapered and straight baguettes.

Tapered baguettes have a modified rectangular shape since one side is wider than the other. They are typically used to follow the curve of the jewelry setting and provide a classic look while complementing the shape and style of the jewelry. Tapered baguettes complement almost all diamond shapes but are mostly paired with Three Stone and Side Stone settings. 

Straight baguettes embody a perfectly rectangular shape. When used as ascents, they can either be arranged in rows or alongside a larger center stone to provide the appearance of a full diamond band. They complement a wide range of diamond shapes but are mostly paired with Asscher, Marquise, and Brilliant Round cuts.

Small Round Diamonds

When it comes to being stunning, nothing does it better than small round diamond accents. They give jewelry extra sparkle, elegance, and personality. This makes them a perfect complementary piece to almost all diamond cuts since they can be designed to match the unique taste and style of the wearer.

The Bottom Line

On their own, accent diamonds don't really stand out, but when placed next to the right stone, they have the ability to elevate it beyond measure. If you're ready for your next diamond, contact us for more advice or visit our online store for the most elegant pieces anywhere.