It is not a surprise to say that diamond is one of the most rigid materials you know. However, that might be one of the reasons why diamond gemstone is ideal for ring crowning: not only does it shed beautiful shimmering light, but it is highly resistant to scratches and chipping on the surface. 

The internal structure of a diamond comprises carbon atoms joined together by a lattice-type structure. And that's why diamonds are the most rigid material on earth but breakable. Here is a guide as to why diamonds are hard but can still break.

Can You Break A Diamond?

To break the joined carbon atom structure in diamond, you need sudden and extreme force. Diamond is extremely hard but not as strong as steel. For example, it is easy to cut steel with a diamond, but it is easy to shatter a diamond with a hammer or blunt object. 

Meanwhile, steel molecules are joined together by an ionic structure. So, once you hit steel with a hammer or blunt object, it will absorb the force by shifting the ion molecules sideways, contrary to the shattering of diamonds. 

The weakness in diamond lies in the cleavage pattern formed during crystallization. These self-defined cleavage lines make diamonds vulnerable to fracturing, chipping, or breaking. Additionally, the internal diamond structure lacks flexibility, making it not strong enough.

Through this toughness vulnerability, diamond cutters take that as an advantage to polish and cut diamonds into smaller pieces of jewelry. But that should not raise too much concern when choosing your next diamond ring, since we do not use fingers often when hitting with great force.

Can You Fix A Broken Diamond?

A broken diamond is repairable. In case of a visible scratch, chipping, or fracture on your diamond, you can visit a jeweler to fix it. However, there are various options you can choose to repair your diamond. They include:

  • Recutting the gemstone and reshaping it into your desired cut
  • Resetting the gem to hide the scratch or chip off
  • Replace your diamond 

Diamonds are incredibly durable and are worth your money. They are gorgeous and can withstand wear and tear in case of an accident. For more information, contact us or visit Gold & Diamond Source to buy a diamond engagement ring.