Diamonds are mostly known to shine with so much sparkle, mainly due to their ability to exceptionally reflect white light from the stone. The white light reflection inside the diamond is what we call diamond brilliance.

What Causes Diamond Brilliance?

Diamonds are the most magnificent and luxurious pieces of jewelry. Ever thought of what makes them shine so brightly as they do? You did not think they come from the earth like that? The answer is that they are efficiently cut and polished to boost the diamonds' natural brightness. Diamonds mainly acquire their brilliance from three things: Refraction, Reflection, and Dispersion. Diamond cutters attempt to achieve the best light performance by balancing all these three factors proportionately. 

Determining Diamond Brilliance

The major factors that determine how brilliant a diamond is are:

Paying Attention To The Cutting Style

The way you cut the diamond will impact a diamond's perfect ability to reflect light. If the shape is too deep or shallow in height, then the diamonds will have less brilliance because they will leak a good amount of light. A diamond with fewer facets will have minimal brilliance because there are fewer angles for the diamond to reflect from commonly known as a step cut. On the other hand, a brilliant-cut results in diamonds with many facets on their upper surface, which will have greater brilliance. 

The Cut Quality                                 

This can build or crush the brilliance of the diamond. The cut quality refers to the symmetry, proportions, and its polish. Polish is the specific condition of the surface of the diamond. A well-polished diamond will emit excellent brilliance. Symmetry refers to the precision with which the shape and girdle were cut. Asymmetrical diamonds will have both well-aligned and optimally balanced facets and hence maximized brilliance.


Diamond brilliance is an essential characteristic of diamonds. Diamonds that have excellent cut and polish will always emit exemplary brilliance. At Gold & Diamond Source, we have a proficient and skilled team who can intelligently expound on diamond brilliance in detail and help you find the jewel of your desire.